This article is about the cellestial intervention agency agent,for the user see User:666hotline

Agent six hundred and sixty six hotline(or sometimes just hotline) is the codename used by a mysterious human male who during the time war was selected to work with the gallifreyan organisation,the celestial intervention agency or C.I.A for short.Upon joining the agency his name was wiped and he received a crude vortex manipulator as well as a piece of psychic paper.The time lords chose him as they needed someone who was not a time lord to go on certain missions,one day when the time lords put in charge of him disappeared (unknown to him they had been caught up in the time lock) he decided to continue travelling in order to fulfil the purpose of the agency;to intervene when the universe was in need.

Book of events

From the gallifyans he also received a book documenting several "established events" which need to be kept true no matter what the universe had to say about it,they include:

  • Earth must exist until the year five billion
  • a sontaran invasion must be halted in 2001 by Gareth Jenkins
  • The genesis ark must survive until the doctor arrives,you must then take it as your own ship

There are too many other events to list here,because of the nature of some events occasionally it may look as if he is working with an enemy.


After the battle in the genesis ark with the doctor the agent took the ark as his own ship and incorporated his vortex manipulator to give him a true time ship.