Adam Mitchell adventures was a spin off series. The main character is Adam Mitchell the x boyfriend of Rose Tyler and a former companion of the ninth doctor. Adam gets a job as a scientist. Hes studying a cure for cancer. He isn't happy because he was left with the chip in his brain. He trys to find ways to get rid of it. And he wears a headband to cover it up for months. Finally he meets a very smart scientist who removes the chip. He falls in love with her. He quits wearing the headband. The scientists name is Anna Brownberry. Adam and Anna meet secret agents. They go on missions with them and fight monsters. This series has five seasons. In the fourth and fifth seasons Adam has grown a mustache and beard and wears square glasses. The secret agents he met were named Matt' Ursella' and Zeke. The first enemy of the series was called Phil Marcus. He is a genius like Adam too but is evil. He is a mad scientist. He tries to make everyone become zombies but was stopped by Adam' Anna' Ursella' and Zeke. Phil was killed in season three by a giant mechanical robot called the mecha. He is cybernetically enhanced and is like that for season four and the early episodes of season five. But then he regenerates all of his parts he lost. He absorbs too much knowledge from a magical device called the smart machine. He is ressurected. He turns good at the end of the series. Adam wishes he was with the doctor and Rose. At the end of the series the tardis comes and he leaves. He adventures with them for a while and comes back 1 week later. He marries Anna.