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Adiboo the Adipose is an Adipose born to Matthew Ashcroft after Fang The Sniper gave him a dodgy Adipose pill leftover from the invasion (in Matthew's version of the Whoniverse of Doctor Who related events are in the present day, thus causing the adipose invasion of London to take place in 2008. He was born on December 25, 2008.


Adiboo is carefree and can speak, unlike normal Adipose. He is close friends with Matthew's pet, Gizmo the Mogwai (from Gremlins) and idolises Indiana Jones, even having a revolver, whip, and fedora and nicknaming himself 'Indiadi Jones'.

He couldn't be bothered going back to Adipose Three, claiming it to be a 'boring place' and stayed on Earth, mainly to try and meet Harrison Ford.


Gizmo the Mogwai ((Fake) Brother.)

Matthew Ashcroft (Father)

Liam Ashcroft (Uncle)

The Doctor

Gwen Cooper

Captain Jack Harkness

Owen Harper (Via Davros' crystal ball.)

Davros (Due to his defeat, Davros bought a fortune telling shop.)

Dalek Sec

Tom Milligan (Attempted to ransack his wedding, but was talked out of it, but steals his phone anyway.)


Sonic Ipod


Ds bomb


In August 2009, Matthew Ashcroft shall make large changes to the show and pitch it to BBC. Wish me luck! --Tails Flydude 14:54, 12 July 2009 (UTC)