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Early Life

Ariella Lavizsia was born in the 27839 year of the Sixth Age on the planet Jacowitz. The only child of Laksmono and Kaelyne, Ariella grew up in the knowledge that she would grow up to rule over the planet. When she was 16, the Sontarans attempted to take over her planet, only to be defeated by The Doctor and his companion, Rose Tyler. Ariella then went on to travel with the pair for a few weeks before returning home.

13 years later, she met the Doctor once more. This time he was travelling with Donna Noble, and they helped to defeat an invasion by the Terileptils. During the Terileptil invasion, Ariella's father was killed. During her coronation, in a heated conversation with the Doctor, Ariella developed a method of using her psychic ability to write on the Doctor's psychic paper when she needed help.

Queen Ariella

Ariella was said to be a kind, beautiful and well educated queen. Upon meeting her, Donna remarked that she resembled Natalie Portman, which the Doctor responded to by rolling his eyes. On her first visit to Earth with Rose Tyler, Ariella remarked, while looking at the sun, that it was her star, the star she was born with and the star which would die when she did.

Despite numerous alien attacks, Ariella managed to keep the planet safe and, with help from the Doctor and Jacowitz's surrounding planets, keep death through alien attack to a minimum.

Ariella became, not only the youngest ruler the planet ever had, or ever would have, but she also became the only ruler to have more than one sole heir. After marrying Lord Thaddeus, she went on to have three children: Ezekiel, Adarose and Jacinda

Popularity and Developement

Ariella began as a roleplaying character on MySpace, but has since gone on to be written about in fanfiction and start a blog. Through her MySpace Page and blog, Ariella has built herself a fan base. Many of her fans started a petition to make her a canon character, the development of this is yet to be seen.