Attack of the Cheetahs is a 2008 Doctor Who fan movie made at Taverham Juniour School's i-Movie Club. It features the Seventh Doctor and Ace and stars Peter Webb, Lucy Gibbon, Oliver Riley and Georgia Watson (uncredited). It's 'fanocity' has been overwritten by the audio drama (2009). It is available to watch on YouTube at: 


The Seventh Doctor and Ace visit Charlie Chaplin during the recording of his latest movie in 1926. However, Ace passes on the Cheetah Virus onto Charlie Chaplin, so they escape back to the TARDIS. They land by the cinema and Ace eats popcorn on the way. They buy the tickets from the ticket office and enter. The Doctor offers some popcorn to a woman which makes her faint. The Doctor reveals to Ace it is Venusian Slime Flavour. Charlie Chaplin enters and attacks people. The Doctor and Ace defeat him with his hat.

Deleted Scenes

There was a whole adventure cut from the story because there was not enough time to record it. It resolves around the Seventh Doctor and Ace getting the correct ingredients for their cup of tea. The story was adapted into the audio Tea Time (2009).

List of Characters

  • The Seventh Doctor
  • Ace
  • Charlie Chaplin
  • Cheetah People
  • Ticket Man
  • 'Popcorn Girl'
  • Cheetah Prey