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Writing Format

Hello everyone.

I will hopefully be making an effort to start my writing soon, my plans for which can be explained by reading what I have written previously.

I wanted to check if my writing format would be okay – basically whenever I write about what I wanted an episode to be (unless I'm outright doing a script, which I still need to learn) I write them like episode summaries, so it will be like reading a wiki description of an episode that doesn't exist rather than a story. I will still at times say what the dialogue is directly, but some of it will simply be telling what the overall conversation is.

Is that okay?

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Creating my own Doctors

Am I allowed to create my own regeneration of The Doctor for the majority of my stories? If so am I allowed for it to be a number that exists already as this is fanon?

There is a more detailed version if this question here (and an explanation of why I want to do this.) My own Doctor Who "era" if possible (What I plan on doing)

Sorry to keep asking, I just want to make sure.

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DoctorRey12 DoctorRey12 30 July 2020

Top 5 Companions

Oh boy. This is WAAAY harder. There are so many awesome companions! Yaz, Sarah Jane, Martha Jones, Captain many that didn't make my list! But, this is what I have so far:

5. Donna Noble

Yeah, Donna is HILARIOUS. She was such a breather after the gross love stuff with Martha and Rose. It is very tragic how she had to leave the Doctor. She will always be remembered.

4. Ryan Sinclair

I admire Ryan. He has to go through life with his mother dead, his gran dead, and a really bad father. He also has a disorder where it's hard for his brain and hands to click. But he pushes through this and travels with the Doctor. He's AWESOME.

3. Amy Pond

Oh, Pond. Her friendship with the 11th Doctor was unlike anything we had ever seen. And her love for Ro…

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DoctorRey12 DoctorRey12 30 July 2020

Top 5 Doctors

Hey guys! I'm new here, so I decided to give you my opinion on my top 5 actors who played the Doctor.

5. Tom Baker

Who doesn't love Tom Baker? His voice, his mannerisms, and everything about him makes him beloved.

4.David Tennant

EVERYONE IS CRAZY ABOUT THIS DOCTOR. He's SOO beloved. He is pretty cool, and his hair is awesome.

3.Matt Smith

I have a special place in my heart for the 11th Doctor. He's amazing, and funny, yet has an old soul.

2.Jodie Whittaker

As the first woman to play the Doctor, I have a lot of respect for Jodie. She does it wonderfully, and beautifully.

1.Peter Capaldi

DUUUDE!! He is SOO awesome! I also play the guitar, so I admire this Doctor. The Scottish accent, the sonic sunglasses, the awesome coat, everything about this Docto…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 6 June 2019


I know this is a boy who cried wolf situation; I've done this many times but I've always came back, but this is for good.

I adopted DWF around two years ago now. Back then, the wiki still had its old theme that dated back to 2014, and the wiki was all but dead. Thanks to the return of former bureaucrat Matty, we managed to revive many long-forgotten parts of the wiki, such as the Wiki Series. The wiki has been completely redesigned and it was ready going into Series 11.

My activity has waned considerably since 2017, and even before that, I wasn't particularly active anyway. I've lost all interest in Doctor Who. I haven't made it past episode 4 of Series 11. It would simply not be right for me to continue on, especially because the wiki has b…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 20 November 2018

1 Year

One year ago today, my adoption request was accepted and I became the wiki’s sole bureaucrat, tasked with making a largely inactive wiki the place for Doctor Who fan content. I wasn’t going to be able to do it by myself.

MattyMG2013, a bureaucrat from around 2014-2016 had returned a long slumber. Over the next few months, the Wiki would have drastic changes never seen before, and soon enough, he had became bureaucrat once again.

We had changed the design, going from the classic dark-blue look to the bright, modern look we have today.

We had begun the Golden Year Project, designed to make 2018 a great year for the wiki.

We revived the Wiki Series, and started ‘Letters to the Doctor’. For the first time in years, Doctor Who Fanon was active.


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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 23 October 2018

Staff Applications

We have had an influx of new users and therefore we need new staff; we have a shortage (Only me and Harry are administrators at the moment; I’d like to help put some pressure off of the both of us) so your chances are quite high. If you’re interested you can apply at the link below.

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 15 August 2018

Slowly waking from slumber...

I may return to contributing here soon! I won’t be much but I will be around, here to comment on articles and make a few of my own. I hope to see you all! How have you been? I’ve noticed a lot of new users as of late. (And many more returning users) I hope you’re enjoying your stay here at this amazing wiki!

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 6 June 2018

Thanks, and Goodbye

It has been an absolutely fantastic experience being a bureaucrat. I have met many new people and we have finally seen amazing stories reappear on the wiki. In the last 8 months, many changes have been made. We’ve started the Golden Year Project, restarting the Wiki Series, an amazing redesign and much, much more.

I would like to thank 2 people in particular.

Matty, if you read this you were an amazing help and got me used to being a bureaucrat. Without you the wiki wouldn’t be where it is today.

Harry, you are a great help and looked after the wiki while I was away. This wiki is yours now. I’m sure you will do great, no matter if Doctor Who is cancelled or not. I still and always will love reading your stories!

Thank you to the users, without…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 21 May 2018

The End

Hi, it’s Fester. Recently being on Wikia has got in the way of other things... It has been a blast being your bureaucrat for the last few months but I am approaching the time where I step away. By the middle of June unless things in my life change I will be handing over full power to Harry. I will use the next few weeks to help the transition.

I have loved writing and reading the stories, helping new users and making friends. I will never forget it. I have high hopes that DWF will continue to produce great stories long after I have gone. DWF has brought in many new writers and more amazing stories are being made. We’ve completely redesigned the wiki and are well prepared going into the 13th Doctor’s era. Thanks again DWF, you’ve been amazin…

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 15 April 2018

Looking for staff

Hello. DWF is currently looking for staff members. Currently the team consists of me and HarryPotterRules1 as bureaucrats and we would like more moderators. To apply click here:

Thanks, Fester

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IAmFester96 IAmFester96 13 April 2018

I’m back... And I’ve regenerated!

Hey guys, it’s Fester. I’ve been away for a while but I will be returning to the wiki in the next week. I’m sorry for not being here and I will be as active as I can in the future. I’ve got a new account as my other one was stuck with the name of a politician. I’m quite spontaneous. Also, I would like to give a huge thank you to HarryPotterRules1 for looking after the wiki while I was gone, you’ve done a great job and have proved yourself as a great bureaucrat. Anyways, see you all soon and happy editing!

Thanks, Fester.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg Jacob Rees-Mogg 16 March 2018

The End?

Dear Doctor Who Fanon,

It has been a great privilege being your bureaucrat over the last few months. Me, along with Matty and Harry, have revived the wiki. We've created a completely new design and revived the wiki, creating an entire new userbase and era of Doctor Who Fanon.

However, something has happened to me over the last few days and I will no longer be able to be here all the time. I'll be taking leave. I won't be removing my Bureaucrat rights just yet, but if I have not returned by May HarryPotterRules1 will become the Wiki leader and any of you are free to contact FANDOM to request my demotion. Harry, as the only other Bureaucrat will become the interim leader and is free to make all decisions with the Wiki. I'm sorry about this and…

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Jacob Rees-Mogg Jacob Rees-Mogg 10 February 2018


Sorry or the inactivity over the last few weeks. I’m back now.

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Jacob Rees-Mogg Jacob Rees-Mogg 25 December 2017

Here’s to a new era!

The Twelfth Doctor has left us and Jodie Whittaker has replaced him. As we head in to the new year, I would like to thank everyone who has joined us in the past few months. And also to X who returned to help us. He’s done so much for the wiki and I couldn‘t be more thankful.

Due to news I have received in the last few days, I probably won’t be here that much in the next few months. I’ll try to come on as much as I can. If I am too inactive I will resign as a bureaucrat.

Anyways, this isn’t about me. This is about DWF. Here’s to 2018 and a new era!

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Jacob Rees-Mogg Jacob Rees-Mogg 14 November 2017


Hello guys, I am Fester. I was inactive for a while but I am now coming back after a few months doing other things. This wikia has had no bureaucrats or admins edit for over a year. This wikia really needs some new admins, so I have decided to apply to adopt the wiki.

I know I haven’t edited alot and not very consistently, but I will be editing alot from now on and will reach the edit every day requirement in a week. For a month the only people editing were spambots. I don’t want this wikia to just be a place for spambots. I will remove the few pages and stop any more from appearing. I’ll help gain a new userbase for the wikia, I will add things like a discord to help make it easier for members to interact, I will create a new staff team fu…

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DoctorWhoFanatic12 DoctorWhoFanatic12 27 August 2016


Is anyone even alive on this wiki anymore?

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MegaWho99 MegaWho99 21 August 2016

K9 and Sara Jane: Adventures - My New Series!

Hi I am MegaWho99, but you can call me Mega.

I am writing a series about Sara Jane and K9, set after the K9 and Company pilot but before the Doctor Who episode School Reunion. 

I was wondering if anyone would like to write for it.

Comment below or message me if you would like to write for the series.

Please do not start writing your episode untill I have written the Pilot.

The format of each season is Six 2 part stories. Make each part around a tiny bit more than half or simply half of what you would write for a Doctor Who episode, so that both parts together will be a little more than or the same as what you would write for a Doctor Who episode.

MegaWho99 (talk) 02:09, August 21, 2016 (UTC)

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AquaSoloSky AquaSoloSky 2 August 2016

Something Off Topic But Pretty Cool! :D

Hey guys! :D I'm admin on a wiki known as The Walking Dead Fanon Wiki! It's where we can make our own fanon characters, our own series and it's just a really nice community! :) Personally I think we just need more members! :D

Here's a link!

If you join you should talk to one of the other admins!

  • TWDFan630
  • JtheAlphabetBoy
  • TinyCarlos
  • KeepOnKeepingOn
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Eighth doctor 14 Eighth doctor 14 12 April 2016

The Exploration Of Capeloca


I am creating a new 6 part drama. It will be called Colonisation of Capeloca. Heres a short write up about it!

The year is 2110. Intergalatic immiragation is rife and Earth can't cope. Both the Moon and Mars have been colonised and have no room left. A far away planet named Capeloca with a similar atmosphere and land scape to Earth has been chosen for colonisation. 3 astronaughts have been sent to investigate. When they get their, they have one heck of a shock...

I will put up the first episode soon and offical poster today!!!!!!!

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 5 April 2016

DWA - Need Help

DWA is my 2 year long running series, entering its 7th season. But nobody gives a freaking damn about it. New users, old users, please read DWA and write episodes for it or it's cancelled. I can't write all of it. I'm not Speedy The Writer.

Note that the first few seasons aren't that good, but they are important to the plot. Season 4, 5 and 6 are amazing though.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 1 April 2016

Important Please Read

I am cancelling DWA due to lack of writers. Sorry.





Oh, would you look at that....










It's first of April, isn't it? I wonder what that means...hmmm...... xD


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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 9 February 2016

DWA - S6 Special Hints and Teasers

  1. Opening Line: "Huh?"
  2. 12 and 40.
  3. I believe I have sighted *** *****.
  4. The no-trees square
  5. Secret: 19-15-13-5-20-8-9-14-7 9-19 2-21-18-9-5-4 21-14-4-5-18-14-5-1-20-8

Also I need someone in chat to help me find an actress for this episode. The episode is done and all I'm missing is the poster, and it's frustrating I can't find an actress.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 2 February 2016

DWA - "Glitch" Hints and Trailers

Read "The Zindagor Ship" episode first.

  1. First Line: I am Alicia.
  2. 200
  3. "There are only 2 reasons he wouldn't **********"
  4. "First him, now her?"
  5. ""
  6. Secret Code: Wlph Orugv fdq'w eh froru eolqg.
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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 28 January 2016

Doctor Who Adventures Season 6: Four Part Finale Trailer

This is more of a LOOSE 4 parter, but ok. :P

Narrator: It starts off as a normal day.


Narrator: Keeps on as a normal day.

???: He kidnapped me.

Narrator: Nothing unusual at all.

??? (2): Grrr....

Narrator: Oh....No wait, scratch that. I had the wrong script. This is not a normal day.

???: This place is horribly creepy.

Shady Person: Hm? Yes yes, he's muttering something.

Narrator: And things will only get more and more serious.

???: DOCTOR!


Doctor: should....

??? (4): Bravo, bravo.

Doctor: DON'T DO THIS!

Tetra: N-no way....

Narrator: Yep....Definitely not your everyday stuff...

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AquaSoloSky AquaSoloSky 25 January 2016

Quick Note

Just so you all know. I am still writing my episode. It will take a little while just because it isn't my highest priority right now. I'll try and get it out by the end of the week but no promises.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 21 January 2016

This wiki is oficially dead

2 users left. 2 users can't sustain everything. DWA is cancelled. You guys ruined my 2 year work. Thank you for wasting my time and make me connect emotionally with what I was writing only to throw it out the window afterwards. Goodbye.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 21 January 2016


Cause it seems like only me and Turtle are active. Just the two of us can't write ALL of DWA, and honestly it's not worth putting all that work into it if only 1 person is gonna read it. users, comment here.

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AquaSoloSky AquaSoloSky 20 January 2016


I know this sucks and I know you all probably hate me :( But, I've decided to stop writing for the wiki :( Don't worry, I'll finish my first episode for DWA. So that way I'm not seeming like a total jerk. Personally, I've been getting loads of homework and this year I'm choosing my opetions and I'd rather just focus on them :/ Please don't despise me. I'm sorry. I'll still read but, I guess for now. This is goodbye. Again, I'm sorry and say whatever you want. :)

EDIT: I have been thinking about this for quite a while now.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 19 January 2016

Shout Out to DWA Guest Writers

"The Zindagor Ship" is finished, and I'm 2300 out of about 3000 words done in "Glitch", so Pokerox, Turtle, please try to get your episodes done soon.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 17 January 2016

Doctor Who Adventures "The Zindagor Ship" Hints and Teasers

  1. Pacific Ocean
  2. 20 **** (replace the stars with letters)
  3. "I can't do that" "Why not?"
  4. 2 bowls of soup
  5. The seventh one
  6. Rest assured, ****** ** *** ****...I will find you
  7. Secret: Qsmdd
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AquaSoloSky AquaSoloSky 17 January 2016

Happy 2,050 pages!

We have 2,050 pages on this wiki!! :D Congrats guys! I mean, yeah now it's 2,051 but... meh! ;) Cheers

Throws Confetti

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 12 January 2016

Doctor Who Adventures Season 6 Opener Hints and Teasers Blog

  1. Opening Line: I'm bored.
  2. "You can't do that" "Watch me"
  3. "I know him"
  4.  ?????? are real. Very real.
  5. Stereotypical humans
  6. "I'm just doing what has to be done"
  7. Impa
  8. Secret: Qr rqh kdv hvfdshg iurp khuh. Hyhu
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Chef Pepper K9 Chef Pepper K9 11 January 2016

I am K9Rules and I'm here to help the wiki!

I'm K9Rules! Yes Yes Yes my username is Chef Pepper K9 but I regret changing my name as I am no longer a massive Skylanders fan. Yes, the Chef Pepper part of my name was related to skylanders, my favorite Skylanders villain Chef Pepper Jack. Anyways just call me K9 or K9Rules forget about my username cause I am K9Rules! Not Chef Pepper K9! K9RULES! NOT CHEF PEPPER K9! K9RULES! Anyway I think you get my message!

I formally wrote stories on this wiki but I lost interest and started doing other things including working on a different writing project. This writing project and other things mean that I don't have time to write Doctor Who Fan-Fiction. But my goal know is to help this wiki in anyway possible. I have time to write for DWF Times (I s…

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ThePuffyDalek ThePuffyDalek 3 January 2016

Hey Guys!

What's up DWF? I'm new here, and have the ambitions to make a series (I'm sure you don't get many of those). Since Series 9 has left us with a clean slate, I'd like to try and write an alternate Series 10, keeping the existing themes and continuing Twelve's arcs. But without an infinite amount of time on my hands, I'd like to work in a partnership instead of ruling. A co-Moffat if you will. Anyone interested in writing for a clean slate Capaldi directly following Clara's departure? I'm open to discuss everything, even the companion character. Think of this as a writer's room.

As for story arcs, I'd like the Cybermen to have a major role. I had an idea for The Doctor doing something selfish in the past to save lives, which results in the Cyb…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 31 December 2015

Doctor Who Adventures S5 Special "The Third Piece" Hints and Teasers Blog

  1. First word of the episode: Operation
  2. Laundry
  3. "This is pre-recorded"
  4. "When will people quit ordering me around? It never ends well...for them."
  5. Boring Crater.
  6. Define "stupid"
  7. Secret code: Zh vdz wkhlu vsdfhvkls odqg
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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 28 December 2015

I thought of doing something cool....have no idea how to

So Castela is the planet that we know most about in DWA(well...we know more of Gallifrey, but that doesn't count cause it's from RealWho as well), so I thought of this really cool thing.....CREATING Castela.

I was thinking that if there was some program(free), or some online site or SOMETHING that allows you to start off with a rotating blue(the water) sphere, and letting you add your own shaped continents and islands and stuff like that. Wouldn't it be cool to have a canon look at how Castela really is.

For the past weeks I've been searching for such a site or program, but couldn't really find anything. So can anyone help me find either a site, or a free program that allows such a thing?

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AquaSoloSky AquaSoloSky 27 December 2015

DWA planned ideas?

Hello! I am here today to give some insight to some drafts that I had originally planned to put in place of some of my episodes! Along with how I came to think of the official ones! :D

Original planned episode 4:

Don't Move - Originally it was going to be about the hand mines from Season 9's premiere. However, I found the enemies somewhat boring and it had no real plot xD

The Archives of the Angels - I wanted to make a SUPER cool and somewhat dark episode featuring the weeping angels. I wanted to strengthen Alfie and Alice's relationship as well. Buut, then I finsished Series 4 Dx

Original planned episode 6:

Multiverse - So, it was only ever a loose idea, (maybe like the E-Space trilogy? I would've asked permission xD) However, when "Glitch" wa…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 26 December 2015

My and DWA's 2nd Aniversary on The Wiki!!!!

So....yea. This sort of came out of nowhere. For the past few months I had it planned, to do a blog split into two, the first part being posted December 23rd, and the second on December 26th. December 23rd 2013 was the first time I came here and DWA was started on December 26th 2013.

Well having a 2-part blog is out the window now that it IS the 26th and I forgott all about it. I bet you had it happened to you too. Planning to do something for so long that you end up forgetting to do it when the time actually comes.

So here's the blog. It's not really that bad that it's not split anymore, because on the 23rd, all I did was message Turtle, then a pause till the 26th when I REALLY became and user and started DWA, so you could argue the 26th is…

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Barry19 Barry19 6 December 2015

My Top 12 Series 9 Episodes

I just read MasterCharmander's blog, and I quite disagreed with it, so I decided to make my own! :P 

Also, spoiler alert!

I'm not a big fan of Mark Gatiss' Doctor Who stories. But this episode seemed okay. I was unsure about the filming style, though.

Then I watched it. Oh boy. It started pretty good, but then with the whole "the cameras are dust" thing, the extremely forgettable side characters (the entire episode I was trying to figure out who had died cause I just couldn't remember their names), and then the ending. Professor something being a Sandman himself was okay, but the rest of the ending...

What made it even worse was that this episode ruined the fact that every episode till now had been good. This may have been one of the weakest Ne…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 6 December 2015

Doctor Who Series 9 - Top 12 Episodes

I knew I was gonna do this for a long time, and now since S9 is done, I'm doing it. I will edit this to add the Christmas Special when it comes to it, but for now, here goes my Series 9 Top 12 Episodes.

WARNING: Spoilers from all of Series 9!

  • 1 12. Sleep No More:
  • 2 11. The Woman Who Lived:
  • 3 10. The Girl Who Died:
  • 4 9. The Zygon Invasion:
  • 5 8. Heaven Sent:
  • 6 7. Face The Raven:
  • 7 6.  Before The Flood:
  • 8 5. Magician's Apprentice:
  • 9 4. Under The Lake:
  • 10 3 and 2. The Zygon Inversion/Witch's Familiar:
  • 11 1. Hell Bent:
  • 12 Conclusion:

Oh boy....This episode. I was never too excited for this episode. I was more "ok" towards it when I saw the trailers and saw the Doctor and Clara were in it....But I still didn't like it. The plot was boring, and there was no reason to care…

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Eighth doctor 14 Eighth doctor 14 6 December 2015

Eighth Doctor: Great News


There has been some great developments in EDA in which i would like to share:

1. The Doctor will have a new TARDIS!

2. All the episodes will be serials like classic DW.


4. There will be 3 parter ending!

.5 The Rani is Back!

6. Area 51 and Roswell will be invovled!

7. A old face will appear.

8. One of my creations on a diffrent show will have a main apperance on the show.

9. I'm organising a book spin off!

I hope you would all like to find out more!

EDA starts in Early 2016. Please read what happens. YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS IT!!

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Eighth doctor 14 Eighth doctor 14 6 December 2015

Eighth Doctor Adventures: Prequel's Here!!"!!!


The Eighth Doctor Adventures series will be offically up and running in Early 2016! To kick start it there will be a Christmas Special on the 24th Of December. There is a very short prequel to this special online now:

If you would like to write for EDA in 2016 please leave for name in comments on what 'section' of the series you want. To be clear, these are the 'sections':

1: 1-5

2: 6-8

3: 8-13: This one will be left until a later date.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 29 November 2015

Doctor Who Adventures Season 6 Trailer

  • 1 On a spaceship, a man approaches a bed as someone lies on the bed.
  • 2 The Doctor starts running on a street. He looks at a Pizzeria named "Larry's"
  • 3 The Doctor looks at the pizzeria again, but this time it says "Mario's"
  • 4 The Doctor picks up a phone and looks shocked.
  • 5 A video starts on a computer. The video has a man in it:
  • 6 The Doctor walks to a room guarded by policeman.
  • 7 Tetra collapses in a forest.

???: It is ready, and you are here.

Doctor: The streets, are confusing. They are changing. Constantly changing.

Doctor: It is playing with our brains.

Man(from the video): If you are watching this, I have died, or been captured by unimaginble beings from space.

Doctor: I am.. *looks at the psychic paper* Detective Jonathan. I have been granted permissi…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 15 November 2015

DWA Companion Chart (Do NOT read unless you've read S1-S5)


So I found an old DWA companion chart that went until Season 3, so now I extended it to Season 5.

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 14 November 2015

Announcing some DWA Season 6 Stuff

  • 1 How Many Parts will The Finale have?
  • 2 Season 5 Special(Pre-Season 6):
  • 3 Episode 7 and 8:
  • 4 Episode 9 and 10:
  • 5 Conclusion:

Originally planned as a 5 parter finale, it was now reduced to a 4 parter(but the first part is just leading into the finale, not necesarily part of it).

I have started writing it. All I can say is that a certain aspect of it is something you won't see coming. It's something I never did before, and while it's there, it's not over-exagerated and fits nicely.

This is the episode that will lead into the finale. Techincally both of these episodes are leading into the finale, Episode 8 more than Episode 7. Episode 7 is setting up Episode 8, while Episode 8 is setting up the Finale(Episode 9 and 10). 

Episode 7 will be called "The Zin…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 8 November 2015

DWA Season 5 Finale Part 2 - Hints and Teasers

Do not read this unless you're caught up(looking at you Finn).

^ The hints for the first part.

  1. Try to clap
  2. All the soldiers are dead
  3. Shalek and Tetra's father.
  4. Sentence: *****? *** left many years ago. *****, are you feeling alright? (Replace stars with letters)
  5. He is useless now
  6. Secret: Gsv nrwwov rhm'g dszg rg hvvnh

Some of these are trick hints, and they make you think something, while instead it's not what you expect.

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Barry19 Barry19 8 November 2015

UNIT test scenes

So my new series will be about UNIT, mainly Kate Stewart and her team (like in the new UNIT audios). I had a writers block for some time but I have new inspiration, that's why some elements from these test drafts are from other tv shows. :P

PS: Those drafts are also previews, although they might be changed in the actual episode.

Here is the test draft I made for a scene in the pilot. The villain's name is Leonard Snart. He has the ability to generate and control ice, and is also able to lower someone's body temperature, as seen in the draft below:

“In  here!” Kate shouted, as she ran into the bank, with the UNIT soldiers following her. There, in the middle of the room was Snart, one hand on Eric’s neck, the other pointing towards them.

“Stay b…

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MasterCharmander13 MasterCharmander13 6 November 2015

Goodbye. Idk for how long, but for now, Goodbye

TTL has this "better than you" attitude, and Pinguinus takes his side. I seriously don't know what I expected with Pinguinus.

I'm so done with this bullshit. There hasn't been a single argument since early July, and the one time it happends is when Ping is here, ready to always pick whoever is on the opposite side of mine.

I'm not taking this. Does it matter who's fault it is? Not really, cause if I;m involved, I'm automatically the bad guy(at least for Ping). I'm not gonna sit here to be blamed over and over again. Congrats The Time Lord. You got the adopter on your side. You accomplished it without even trying, while I failed for 2 years straight.

Goodbye for now. Idk if I'll come back. Probabily will(probabilly when the side-picker leaves …

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Pinguinus Pinguinus 4 November 2015

Fan Theory on the Poem in ''Time of the Doctor''

Spoilers for Doctor Who from Time of the Doctor to Season 8

Remember that oddly on-the-nose poem from Time of the Doctor about Eleven's regeneration?

And now it's time for one last bow

Like all your other selves.

Eleven's hour is over now

The clock is striking Twelve's.

When I heard it in the trailers, I assumed that Tasha Lem or someone else knowledgeable about the Doctor's life had written it. It's a little too perfect for Eleven's regeneration to be just a random poem found in a party favor from the 21st century, right?

Wrong. That's exactly where Clara found it. My theory? The poem didn't randomly fall into Clara's hands. It was placed there. Someone with the capability to time travel arranged for it to be sent, as a personal message to the Doc…

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