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This series will feature the Tenth Doctor, Jennifer Locke, Christina De Souza and, for two episodes, Martha Jones. Story arcs in this series include the quest of the Cult of Helheim, Jennifers departure from the TARDIS crew and Marthas wedding to Tom Milligan.

Easter Special (part 1): The Warring Statues
Easter Special (part 2): Apocolypse

Episode 1: Pity Them
Episode 2: With Every Breaking Wave
Episode 3: The Midas Touch
Episode 4: Spoilers
Episode 5 (part 1): Cause and Effect
Episode 6 (part 2): Pride of the Daleks
Episode 7: Centaur House
Episode 8: Human
Episode 9 (part 1): Soul Eater
Episode 10 (part 2): The Turn of the Universe
Episode 11: Deaths Wish
Episode 12: They Ride On The Wind
Episode 13 (part 1): Thor's Hammer
Episode 14 (part 2): Helheim

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