‘’’Cross’ Getaway Bike’’’ was a Faerie-made ground craft (an MOT-T6) roughly resembling a bicycle or motorbike, but with multiple armor plates bolted onto the sides and front. It belonged to Cross.


It could drive on the ground at great speed, knocking enemies out of the way. Winches built into the frame were deployed whenever the bike needed to drive of steep cliffs, especially useful on closing bridges.

The Faerie-made versions of the MOT-T6 utilized many Faerie weapons. Cross’s MOT-T6 was modified to be compatible with human weapons, and adjusted the power supply so that the bike ran solely on green static (which was created by the interaction of human and Faerie technology).


Cross owned a MOT-T6 and stored it in his basement. The bike was used to great extent to infiltrate a bunker where many different Faeries were being stored (2 Dragons, 12 or more Gremlins, and many chained Minotaur. After freeing most of the occupants Cross used his getaway bike to flee the premises, pursued by a squad of 4 Golems.

Cross drove the bike up a closing bridge. Just as the bike was going to make the leap across to the other side the back wheel caught on the edge of the half bridge and the bike nearly fell, with Cross and his MOT-T6 hanging vertically over the Hudson River. The Golems ran off the bridge by accident and sank when they hit the water (being made of rock).

Behind the scenes

The actor who plays Cross loves the MOT-T6 because of all of the special features it has (i.e. plastic explosive launcher, laser cannon, shuriken launcher, winches, and grappling hooks) and its “low-slung, speedy look.”


Mark of the Cross: Tactic (The Youtube Movie)