The Dalek Prime
Also known as: Prime Dalek, New Kaled, Sukhol
Race: 'New Kaled', formerly unknown race
Home Planet: 'Skaro III'
Home Era: Far Future
Appearances: Prime
Actor: Ben Whishaw

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The Dalek Prime (Birth name: Sukhol) is an extraterrestrial mutant created by Davros as a template to recreate the Dalek race.

It originated from an unknown planet that was renamed 'Skaro III' by the Daleks. The Daleks exterminated all the planet's natives. One creature, named Sukhol, was killed but instead of having his carcass incinerated in the Dalek base, he was secretly brought to Davros and fused with Dalek DNA and machinery, becoming the Dalek Prime.

He was plugged into a Dalek factory, with tubes stuck into his back, slowly draining blood from him to create Dalek embreyos. The new mutants were then placed into newly made Dalek casings. The Dalek Prime could telepathically control both the Dalek machinery (even the base) and could control the Daleks' very minds, albeit without their knowledge.

When the Doctor, Martha Jones and Kale Phoenix arrived on 'Skaro III', they encountered the insane Dalek Prime, who proclaimed that he was a 'New Kaled', and the purest Dalek in creation. The Doctor made it remember its last memories before being exterminated and reborn into its current form. Knowing what it has become, and knowing of the power it had over the Daleks, the Dalek Prime telepathically slaughtered the entire Dalek fleet. The Doctor, Martha and Kale found this act just as malicious as any other Dalek. The Dalek Prime took offence, stating that if it is as evil as the Daleks, it would embrace its new Dalek persona, ending with an extremely Dalek cry of 'EXTERMINATE!' It then restarted the Dalek factory, but the Doctor persuaded it to stop, seeing it for what it is and what the Daleks did to him and his race. With that thought, the Dalek Prime initiated a self-destruct sequence, allowing the Doctor, Martha and Kale to escape. The Doctor asked him to come with them, but the Dalek Prime stated that he was 'the only one who cared.' The Doctor and co. manged to escape and evade the explosion.

The Dalek Prime supposedly perished along with his Dalek army and Davros in the destruction of the Dalek base.