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Dante Redgrave, is one of the Sons Of Sparda, along with Vergil, his twin brother, and is one of the Doctor’s most trusted companions.

Early Life

Little is known of Dante's early life and childhood. It is unknown when he was born , but it was some time around the 15th century. He remembers how, when he and Vergil were ten, their father, the legendary Dark Knight Sparda, gave them both half of the Perfect Amulet, and their own demonic swords as gifts. Both swords held an amount of responsibility regarding the closure of the Demon World. Sparda had three swords at this time; Rebellion, the sword he gave to Dante, helped fight off the demonic hordes, Yamoto, which he gave to Vergil, sealed the gate between the two worlds, while he used Force Edge and the Perfect Amulet to seal his demonic power within the Demon World. He then split the Amulet into two, and a half to his sons. Sparda later vanished, and it’s truly unknown whether he died or just disappeared, either way, leaving Dante with his brother and his mum, Eva, a human. 2 years after Sparda’s disappearance, a group of demons came and attacked Dante’s home. Eva told Dante to hide and not to show himself until he did not hear anything, while Vergil vanished during the attack itself, although Dante didn’t discover this until much later. When he came out of his hiding place, he discovered his mother’s body, and ran away, determined not to return. As time passed on, Dante trained himself to become more skilled with his sword, and created two automatic handguns called Ebony & Ivory, to aid him in his demon slaying. In 1863, he found the corpse of a Time Agent. Discovering his Vortex Manipulator, he travelled through time to the 51st Century, where he enlisted in the Time Agency. After a series of successful solo missions, he was partnered with a fellow agent called Captain Jack Harkness. They immediately become the best of friends. When Jack discovered that the agency had stole two years of his memory, he persuaded Dante to go on the run as conmen, later ending up in 1914, during the Blitz.

Meeting the Doctor

When the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler arrived in 1914 London, chasing after the nanogenes capsule, they encountered Jack and Dante, who they believed to be Time Agents, instead of fellow time travellers. After the Doctor saved them from the bomb that nearly fell on them, they ended up in the TARDIS becoming the doctor's new companions. With the Doctor, they encountered one of the Slitheen who escaped the missile strike on Downing Street (Aliens of London, World War Three). Dante would later run into the Slitheen family when aiding Sarah Jane Smith (Revenge of the Slitheen) He briefly transformed into his Demon form during the battle against the Daleks, in The Parting of the Ways but reverted back after a few minutes; this occurred at the same time Rose absorbed the Time Vortex. After Rose destroyed the Dalek fleet, the Doctor regenerated. Dante, caught up in the spectacle of the Doctor's regeneration, completely forgot about his friend Jack, who had been abandoned on Satellite Five. He became unconscious however, when the TARDIS crashed landed in the Powell Estate He awoke shortly after the Tenth Doctor, and aided him in the duel against the Sycorax.

Later travels

With the Doctor, he met the Cat People of New Earth, as well as the Face of Boe, where he immediately realized that the giant head floating in front of him was once Captain Jack Harkness, however, he did not inform the Doctor or Rose of this. He later met Queen Victoria, encountered the Krillitens, he also met Sarah Jane Smith, to which he would help later on in life, fell in love with Madame de Pompadour, saw the creation of the Cybus Cybermen, defeated he Wire in 1950s London, met the Beast, and aided an Isolus pod on its way.

In late 2007, Dante, the Doctor, and Rose saw the rise of the Army of Ghosts, who later turned out to be the Cybermen from Pete's World making their way through the Void they did with the help of a Void Ship that contained the Cult of Skaro, a group of Daleks that had escaped the Time War, They brought with them the Genesis Ark, a prison ship created by the Time Lords to capture the Daleks during the Time War. They proceeded to fight the Cybermen, with the entire human race in the middle. He helped fight off and kill some Daleks who were trying to escape the breaches influence, however he was too late to save Rose who became trapped the parallel world, along with Mickey Smith, Jackie Tyler, and the parallel world's Pete Tyler.

He and the Doctor said a tearful goodbye to Rose, only to meet Donna Noble immediately afterwards. Aggravated by her complaining, Dante was very eager to let Donna be kidnapped; it was only at the request of the Doctor, and the fact that he was not going to lose anyone else that Dante agreed to help Donna. After the death of the Empress of the Racnoss, and after dropping Donna back home, Dante asks the Doctor to drop him off in Cardiff 6 months before the event of the Racnoss, in order to get his head together after the loss of Rose. The Doctor grudgingly agrees, stating that he would rather be on his own anyway, however he still says a heart felt goodbye to Dante. As the TARDIS disappears, Dante turns around and looks over Cardiff Bay, and the Torchwood Hub that lies beneath it.

Time with Torchwood

After a few weeks of searching, Dante finally found his old comrade when Jack and his team were looking through the forest in search of fairies. Jack was overjoyed at seeing his old friend once again, although he was still angry about being left behind on Satellite Five. Dante later helped the team fend off the fairies once they showed themselves, although he had to sacrifice the Chosen One in to save the world, which created a metaphorical rift between Dante and the rest of the team. Jack believed there was hope however, and appointed Dante as Weapon Specialist and Second in Command.

After their adventures with alien criminals on the run, cannibals, and people lost in time, the rest of the team began to trust and accept Dante. When Abbadon came through he Rift, Jack trusted Dante to help him defeat Abbadon. While Jack kept him stalled by feeding off him, Dante unleashed a powerful demonic energy blast, vaporising him completely. However it appeared that Jack had finally died, and Dante mourned his passing with the Gwen, Owen, Tosh and Ianto, although he still believed that there was a chance of resurrecting Jack. His hypothesis proved to be correct, when Jack brought himself back to life. Dante was overjoyed at his friend’s return, to the point where he wept as they embraced. Later on, while discussing the Rift with Gwen, Dante noticed that the Doctor’s severed hand was glowing. He alerted Jack, where they both heard the TARDIS’s engines; smiling at each other, Jack and Dante disappeared, leaving the Torchwood team alone.

Family Reunion

In Cardiff Bay, while the Doctor was comparing the Rift in Cardiff to the San Andreas Fault in California to his new companion, Martha Jones, outside Jack and Dante sprinted towards the TARDIS, shouting to get his attention. Inside, after refuelling the TARDIS engines the Doctor checked his monitor, and smiled at Dante’s appearance; however his face changed completely once he saw Jack. Panicking, the Doctor tried to take off, but Jack and Dante were having none of it; they simply grabbed the outside of the TARDIS, and rode it through the Vortex to the year 100,000,000,000.

Once they arrived, Martha mistook Jack for dead, and tried to resuscitate him, only for him to come back to life automatically. After a tense greeting between the Doctor and Jack, Jack explained the situation on Satellite Five, while the Doctor tried to justify his actions, only to be interrupted by the ritualistic hunt of a human by the Futurekind. The four tried to get the young man back to the TARDIS, however the Futurekind were coming from all directions; instead they ran towards the silo, where the guards fended off the cannibals. The Doctor, Martha, Jack and Dante later discovered the Utopia Project, and the men in charge; Professor Yana, and Michael. After aiding them in their take off, Martha noticed that Yana possessed a fob watch similar to the Doctor’s, while Michael had an amulet similar to Dante’s. As she informs them of what she discovered, the Doctor and Dante realised their worst fears: they weren’t the last of the species. Yana turned out to be an acronym of the phrase “You Are Not Alone”. As Yana opened the fob watch, the old Time Lord essence was released, and the Master was once more. Hypnotised under the Master’s influence, Michael followed the Master inside the TARDIS, where he activated his amulet, and he became Vergil once more. Speaking over the TARDIS’s microphones, the Master and Vergil greeted the Doctor and Dante, chilling them to the point where the Doctor and Dante apologised for their previous actions; however, it wasn’t enough to stop the Master and Vergil from stealing the TARDIS, not before the Doctor locking the coordinates using his sonic screwdriver, trapping them between the year 100,000,000,000 and early 21st century, 18 months before the Doctor picked up Jack and Dante.

This left the Doctor, Dante, Jack and Martha stranded at the end of the universe. However, Dante had a plan; using the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver to power up his and Jack’s Vortex Manipulator, he connected the two time devices together, and set the coordinates for 21st century Earth. The plan worked, and the Doctor, Dante, Martha and Jack returned to London in 2008. However, they soon realised that the Master was in fact Harold Saxon who has just won the election to become Prime Minster. They head for Martha’s home, where they discover a bomb hidden for them. They escape just as it detonates. They decide to transport themselves on to the Valiant, a floating airship where Human’s first encounter with the Toclafane will be held. It is here that they discover that the Master and Vergil have cannibalised the TARDIS and turned it into a Paradox Machine. Before they can act upon this, the Master and Vergil discover them. While the Master artificially ages the Doctor 100 years with his laser screwdriver, Vergil beats Dante to within an inch of his life, only to place him in suspended animation, to allow Dante to heal, only so Vergil can inflict more devastating wounds, while Martha escapes with Jack’s Wrist strap device, which contains a teleport device. Armed with her perception filter key, she travels around the world, spreading the word of the Doctor, only to arrive on the Valiant one year later. With her words of wisdom, and the Master’s countdown, every person on the planet chants the word “Dante”, which not only revives and frees Dante from his prison, but allows him to Devil Trigger for the first time, allowing him to overcome Vergil and defeat him, while the Doctor defeated the Master. While his human wife, Lucy Saxon, shot the Master, Vergil attempted to kill the Doctor; however, Dante’s blade stopped him. Knowing he was not dead, Dante used his Vortex manipulator to travel to the year 1191, where buried the body in the Himalayas where nobody could disturb him.

Dante accompanied the Doctor and Martha to drop Jack off in Cardiff; Dante had decided to go on one quick trip with the Doctor for old time’s sake, and so refused to accompany Jack back to Torchwood, however he stated that he would come back to work very soon. Dante also saw the departure of Martha, who decided to stay with her family so she could look after them; however, she left the Doctor her mobile phone so she could call him when we wanted to come back. Believing it just be them two, the Doctor activated the TARDIS, only for it to shudder wildly. The Doctor and Dante tried to asses the problem, but discovered another man had entered the console room, who the Doctor looked surprised to see: the Fifth Doctor

Two Doctors

Dante was more that surprised to see an older incarnation of the Doctor, yet still aided in the prevention of a paradox that was nearly created, due to Dante’s presence. He also stated that the current incarnation of the Doctor was his Doctor. As they said farewell to the older Doctor, the front of the Titanic crashed through the side of the TARDIS.

Starship Titanic

After repairing the inner breach left by the Titanic hull, the Doctor and Dante discovered that the “Titanic” was in fact a starship vessel from the planet Sto orbiting present day Earth. As the festivities continued on the ship, as it was Christmas Eve on planet Earth, the Doctor made friends with Astrid Peth, a waitress, also from Sto, who always dreamt of traveling amongst the stars. Before the Doctor could offer a place upon his TARDIS, three meteorites crashed into the ship severely damaging the outer hull. Along with some crew members, the Doctor, Astrid and Dante discovered that Max Capricorn, the proprietor of the company that owned the Titanic, was behind the acts of sabatoge. Astrid helped defeat Capricorn by sacrificing her life, which affected the Doctor and Dante deeply. After the event was over the Doctor upholded his side of the deal, and dropped Dante off in Cardiff, at the exact same time that they and Martha said goodbye to Captain Jack. Hiding behind scenery, in order not to create a paradox, Dante said goodbye to the Doctor once more, but not before the Doctor gave him his own sonic screwdriver to use in Torchwood. As the TARDIS disappeared, Dante greeted Jack, and they set off to find their co-workers.

Return to Torchwood

Jack and Dante found Gwen, Tosh, Owen and Ianto when they were hunting down a alien blowfish, who weren’t pleased to see them after they disappeared before, but the appearance of Captain John Hart, Jack former partner in the Time Agency before Dante, and as such, Captain John and Dante don’t get along much before, and nothing had changed since. He had come to Earth to locate a missing Arcadian diamond; however, the team found out his plan, and sent him back through the Rift. However, Captain John had a message for Jack: he’d found Grey. As John disappeared, Dante asked who Grey was, only for Jack to reply, “It’s nothing”.

The team later battled sleeper agents, aided a man back to his own time, helped an alien whale commit suicide, and destroy a memory thief who tried to infiltrate the team. Later, when examine a series of related deaths in Cardiff; Dante and Jack were reunited with Martha, who was not only a fully-fledged Doctor of Medicine, but also U.N.I.T’s medical adviser. He helped infiltrate a pharmaceutical company that had discovered a “reset” pill, which cured your body of anything bad, even bacteria.. However, during the shutdown of the facility, Owen was shot in the chest and later died of his injuries. Jack was not prepared to give up on Owen, and so he revealed his secret weapon a second resurrection glove. Despite the team’s protests, Jack decides to use it. It works, and Owen is brought back to life: permentley. It was revealed that Owen was being used as a demonic conduit to allow Death, a demon to escape the demon world and walk the human world once again. However, Dante banished it back into the Demon World. After these events were over, Martha returned to U.N.I.T, but not before giving Dante a farewell kiss, her reason being “You saved my life and I never got to say thank you”. The Torchwood team later attended Gwen’s marriage to Rhys after killing a shape-shifting alien who had impregnated Gwen the night before where Dante revealed one of his demonic weapons; Pandora, a briefcase, which could transform into 666 pieces of weaponry. They also investigated an alien energy signal in an abandoned warehouse, however it turned out the place had been booby trapped with explosive devices, trapping Jack, Ianto, Owen, Tosh and Dante under piles of rubble. After escaping the wreckage, Jack received a holographic message from Captain John Hart, who stated that he was the one behind the bombs in the warehouse, and that he is going to destroy Jack’s life.

He also showed an image of Gray, Jack’s missing little brother. While Jack went after John, Owen went to the hospital, Ianto and Tosh went to the communications server, and Gwen and Rhys went to the police station, as all three locations had rift activity within them. Jack was kidnapped and sent back in time to the year 27AD, where he was reunited with Gray. Jack was overjoyed to see Gray again. Gray on the hand was not as pleased; his continuous years of torture by the creatures that had kidnapped him had left him mentally unstable, and to bury Jack under Cardiff, to make him suffer for hundreds of years to come. He had also blackmailed Captain John by implementing a ninth generation bomb on his wrist strap, which was now molecularly bonded to his skin. The timer was disabled once John fulfilled his duties. He then assisted the Torchwood team in restoring the city, where a series of bombs had devastated Cardiff. Preparing to return to the present, Gray was surprised to see Jack and Dante in front of him.

Duelling Dante using John’s samurai sword against Yamato, their battle was fierce. Nevertheless, Dante was successful and defeated Gray. However Gray was not prepared to lose so easily, and so he kidnapped Jack and travelled back to 122BC. Jack struggled with Gray, until a young man wearing a purple robe, who had Rebellion on his back, Yamato in one hand, and an unknown sword in the other as well as wearing Dante’s amulet as a broach addressed them. Asking what the problem was, Gray attempted to strike him with his sword to which he was easily blocked against.. Stating that he was only trying to help, the young man began to walk away until Jack asked him who he was. The young man said “ My name’s Thomas Redgrave, but then again, everyone knows who I am” Jack laughed and shook his hand, knowing full well he was in fact the Legendary Dark Knight himself, Sparda. Jack incapacitated Gray as he and Dante went back to the Hub, only to discover two of their colleagues dead: Tosh had succumbed to her bullet injury, while Owen had become trapped in a control room which radiation had been leaking into. Jack and Dante said farewell to John who had decided to see more of the Earth. While sitting in his office, Dante told Jack he was leaving to go and travel with the Doctor. Jack acknowledged his departure and said farewell to his old friend once again. As Dante activated his Vortex Manipulator in Roald Dhal Pass up above, down below in the Hub, Jack told Gwen and Ianto that Dante had gone “to see his Doctor”

Reunion Of All Sorts

Perring around a corner, Dante discovered both the Doctor and Martha Jones talking outside the TARDIS. Overjoyed to see them both, Dante was less that enthusiastic to realise that Donna Noble was now travelling with the Doctor. However, the intervention of U.N.I.T invading the ATMOS factory changed the subject. In a mobile U.N.I.T base set up near the factory, the others discover that Dante is a wanted criminal in the U.N.I.T archives, due to the death of a U.N.I.T regiment during an assignment in Prague, in 1985, although Dante stressed that it was a demon called Dagon who killed them. He also mentions that it was this event where he acquired Pandora, his demonic briefcase. Before Colonel Mace had a chance to arrest him, Dane revealed that he was second in command of Torchwood 3, in Cardiff, working under Captain Jack Harkness.

After the ATMOS plot was revealed to be created by Luke Rattigan and the Sontarans, Dante helped the Doctor, Martha, and Donna top the Sontaran conversion of Earth into a cloning facility, where after invading the ATMOS factories, the Sontaran regiment, including Commander Storr were slaughtered by Dante. While the Sontaran soldiers were gunned down by Ebony and Ivory, Storr met his fate at the hands of Rebellion, wielded by Dante in his Demon form. After Dante aided Luke in his sacrifice to bring down the Sontarans, he agreed to carry on travelling with the Doctor and Donna.

Before saying goodbye to Martha, who wanted to return to her fiancée, the TARDIS started to react to an unknown force, and transported the Doctor, Dante, Martha and Donna to the planet Messelaine, where a sample of the Doctor’s DNA was replicated in order to create Jenny, his daughter. While the Doctor was having trouble, concerning the existence of his new “daughter” Dante repeatedly flirted with Jenny, to the annoyance of her “father”. While the Doctor mentioned the loss of his family in the Time War, Dante revealed that he was once a father; however, his unborn son, as well as his fiancée were murdered by a group of unknown people, only because she stood up to them. Dante formed a bond with Jenny, who was later killed by General Cobb. In a blinding rage, Dante and the Doctor raised his two handguns to Cobb’s temple, only to stop when the Doctor told Cobb “I never would”. Dante also spared Cobb’s life, but not before punching him in the face, and telling Cobb that “he was only still breathing, out of respect of the Doctor”.

After dropping Martha off back home, the three time travellers arrived in the 1920’s, where they met Agatha Christie, as well as become involved in a murder mystery, not unlike one of Christie’s novels. The Doctor, Dante, Donna and Agatha Christie discovered that the murderer was a Vespiform, a giant alien wasp that had the ability to turn into humans. They also discovered the reason for Christie’s infamous disappearance for 10 days. They also travelled to The Library; a planet containing billions of books, yet the entire planet was deserted. After meeting Professor River Song, who, in the Doctor’s personal timeline was a important part of life, important enough to be given the Doctor’s sonic screwdriver, Dante discovered that the Library was infested with trillions of Vastha Nervda; demon insects which lived in the darkness and the shadows of the Universe. After the Library’s hard drive, CAL, saved Donna by inserting her into the computer’s program, the Doctor, Dante and River fended the Vastha Nervda off long enough to get to CAL, where River sacrificed herself to save those who were trapped in the program, but not before whispering something into the Doctor’s ear, which shocked him deeply. When asked by Dante what she said, the Doctor told him that she knew his real name, a fact that none of the Doctor’s companions knew, not even Rose.

When the Doctor, Dante and Donna visited the carnival planet of Shan Shen, Donna is offered a free fortune telling, which is merely a front, in order to allow a Time Beetle, one of the Trickster’s Brigade, to latch onto Donna’s back and to change time. At this moment, Dante walks into the tent, and becomes entranced in the alternate timeline. Here, in this universe, since Donna was never infected with Huon Particles and never arrived on board the TARDIS, Dante had no reason to stay with the Doctor to fight the Racnoss, and so leaves the Doctor to find Captain Jack, which leaves the Doctor to fight the Racnoss alone. Since no one is there to save him, he drowns when he floods the Torchwood base underneath the Thames. Dante is teleported to the scene of the incident, where he sees the Doctor’s body being taken away by U.N.I.T. Distraught, Dante leaves the scene, and decides to find either Sarah Jane Smith, or Martha Jones. Suddenly, he finds himself in the middle of London, where he witnesses the Royal Hope Hospital being returned by the Judoon. However, in this universe, only one person survives. It is revealed by the survivor that Martha Jones died in the hospital as well as Sarah Jane who had gone to investigate due to the Doctor’s absence. Luke, as well as Maria and Clyde also perished. Contemplate the loss of his friends, he tries to locate Torchwood 3, only to be teleported to Leeds, over a year in the future, where the Titanic has destroyed most of Southern England and the ATMOS devices have been activated. Noticing a white flash of light, Dante investigates, only to find Rose Tyler at the other end of the street. Overcome with happiness and joy, Dante embraces Rose, where after she informs him that this reality isn’t real and that Donna holds the key to returning everything back to normal, he aids her in locating and persuading Donna to go back in time and turn left instead of right. Before she does however, Rose tells Dante that his presence in this alternate reality was a mistake, and that he’ll remember nothing of it once everything is back to normal. Dante finds himself back on Shan Shen, with no memory of the alternate timeline he existed in. Later on, while hearing Donna’s tale he and the Doctor hear the two words that Rose asked Donna to pass on to the Doctor and Dante: Bad Wolf.

Arriving on Earth the trio realised that nothing was wrong. As the Doctor and Donna returned to the TARDIS, Dante began to examine the surrounding area, but before he could return however, the Earth was plucked from its native solar system into the Medusa Cascade, 1 second out of sync with the rest of the universe, along with 27 other planets. While trying to call the Doctor using his wrist device, Dante heard someone call his name. Turning around, he was more than surprised to see Rose in front of him, holding a massive gun. Both overcome with happiness, they tried to get in contact with the Doctor, or failing that, Donna’s family. To their horror however, they discovered, through an incoming transmission, that hundreds of Dalek ships were surrounding the Earth, and were invading the planet. After saving Wilf and Sylvia from a Dalek, Rose and Dante were witness to Harriet Jones’s use of a Subwave Network to contact Captain Jack and Torchwood, Martha Jones and Sarah Jane Smith. Without the use of a webcam however, Rose and Dante could not make contact with the rest of the group. After boosting a phone transmission using the combined power of the Cardiff Rift and Mr Smith, along with the Subwave Network, which allowed the Doctor to locate the Earth, Harriet Jones was located by the Daleks and was exterminated. Shortly after Jack, Martha and Sarah Jane gained contact with the Doctor; another transmission was received from the Crucible, as the true mastermind of the Dalek Empire was revealed: Davros, creator of the Daleks. He informed the Doctor, who believed him to have died in the first year of the Time War, that he was rescued from his fate by Dalek Cann, one of the Cult Of Skaro, who had used Emergency Temporal Shift to break the time lock, in order to rescue his creator. This act however, cost him his mind. Davros also revealed that he created a new race of Daleks by cannibalizing his own body. After the TARDIS landed on Earth, Rose used her teleport device to transport her and Dante to his location. Noticing him down a street, Rose began to run to the Doctor, as he did to her. Before they embraced each other, a Dalek struck the Doctor with its death ray, before it was destroyed by both Captain Jack, who had also teleported to the TARDIS’s location, and Dante in his demonic form. Taking him inside the TARDIS, Donna, Rose, Jack and Dante witnessed the beginning of the Doctor’s regeneration.

The Time Lord however, had other plans; after repairing his body, he redirected the remaining regenerative energy into his severed hand, allowing him to keep the same appearance. At the same time, the Daleks had located the TARDIS and transported it to the Crucible, Davros’s command ship. As the Supreme Dalek apprehended Dante, Rose, the Doctor, and Jack, they allowed the TARDIS to be destroyed, with Donna still inside. Angry and vengeful, Jack shot the Supreme Dalek, only to be exterminated by it. Due to his immortality, he survived, and later met up with Sarah Jane, Mickey Smith, and Jackie Tyler, who had been captured on Earth by the Daleks and had escaped. They however, along with Martha, who had attempted to save humanity by destroying the Earth were teleported to the Vault, alongside Dante, Rose and the Doctor. Captured alongside his comrades, Dante witnessed the fury of Davros, as he prepared to destroy all of reality with his bomb device, which would not only destroy this universe, but every universe in existence. Before the device was activated, the sound of the TARDIS arriving brought everything to a standstill, as out of the TARDIS stepped, the Doctor, in his blue suit, along with Donna. This blue suited Doctor was born when Donna touched the severed hand, allowing the Doctor to be created from the remaining regenerative energy left behind. This version of the Doctor however, was part human due to absorbing some of Donna’s life energy in order to be “born”. This process was a two-way link, allowing Donna to absorb the Doctor’s Time Lord Mind. Using this newly found knowledge, Donna along with the two Doctors, deactivated the reality bomb, sent the 26 missing planets back to their original coordinates, and scrambled the Dalek programming making them harmless, to an extent, while Davros was kept under gunpoint by Mickey and Jack. The blue suited Doctor realised that the Dalek fleet, as well as Davros were a considerable threat to the cosmos, and so destroyed every single Dalek, which caused the Crucible itself to become unstable.

The Doctor gathered everyone onboard the TARDIS, and with help from Torchwood, as well as K-9 and Mr Smith, towed the Earth back to its original position in the galaxy. After the Doctor said goodbye to Sarah Jane, as well as Mickey and Martha, who accompanied Jack back to Torchwood, he, along with the other Doctor, Dante Rose, Jackie and Donna travelled to Bad Wolf Bay in Pete’s World, where Doctor and Dante said farewell to Rose and Jackie a second time, along with the other Doctor, who only possessed one heart which would cause him to age like a human, and so decided to stay with Rose. It was here that Dante decided to give her Vergil’s amulet as a gift, claming no one seeking to claim Sparda’s power would look in a different universe, as well as being the only person he trusted to look after it. After Donna demonstrated that she could not cope with possessing the mind of a Time Lord, Dante and the Doctor wiped any trace of Donna travelling in the TARDIS. They brought her home to Sylvia and Wilf, where they explained the situation to them. Leaving Donna to lead a normal life, Dante parted ways with the Doctor once more, stating that he had promised Jack he would return to Torchwood.


Like the Doctor, Dante displays a care free, cocky attitude, yet can still become serious whenever an emotional subject is brought up. He seems to display great admiration for his parents, while becoming angry or hostile whenever Vergil is referenced. Like the Doctor however, underneath his cherry exterior, lies an old man who has lost so many loved ones over the years.


The Doctor: With the Ninth Doctor, it was clear that Dante was in awe of this alien, who, like him, had an extraordinary long life span, as well as his knowledge of any subject. With the Tenth Doctor however, their friendship was much more defined, as both of them joked about how they are similar in apperace, as well as in personality, to the fact that they pretended to be brothers. Yet it is still clear that both of them are very lonely people, who have lost many loved ones.

Rose Tyler: While it was clear that Rose was in love with the Doctor, with Dante, she saw him as her big brother, looking out for her whenever he could. Like her and the Doctor, Dante and Rose shared the same sense of humour, which helped them grow closer. Like the Doctor, Dante was devastated when Rose became trapped in the parallel world, informing the Doctor that he thought of her as “the little sister I never had”. He later told her this, after giving her Vergil’s amulet as a memento when he said farewell to her once again. She was visibly touched by this gesture.

Jack Harkness: Jack and Dante first met when Dante replaced Jack’s former partner in the Time Agency, John Hart. After working together on numerous missions, they became close friends. The bond between the two was tested when Jack asked Dante to go on the run with him, and to become con men together. After meeting the Doctor and Rose, Jack and Dante were separated when the Doctor, before regenerating, took Rose and Dante away, leaving Jack alone and immortal on Satellite Five. After becoming the leader of Torchwood 3, Jack was surprised to Dante back on Earth, looking for him. After being angry at being left behind, Jack was overjoyed at seeing his old friend, and offered him a job at Torchwood as Second in Command. The two of them continually joke that Dante is probably the only person who hasn’t kissed Jack.

Sparda: Due to Dante’s extremely long life span, 100 years only feels like a month to Dante, hence the reason he feels he spent so little time with his father. Whenever Dante mentions him, he does so with pride. He also mentions how his father was proud of him, as well as the countless jokes he would tell his son.

Eva: Being Dante’s mother, he had an unconditional love for her. Like with his father, Dante mentions his mother with pride on how she cared for him, and how she was the one to give Dante his amulet as well as Rebellion. Dante can also become depressed at the mention of her name, as she was murdered by demons, right in front of him. He remarks how she was the first of many women in his life who would be taken from him.

Vergil: While they were growing up together, Dante and Vergil were close, having petty arguments about nothing, as well as play fighting with their father’s swords. However, the death of his mother caused Vergil to become cold and spiteful, as he grew to resent Dante, claming that he was favoured over himself. Over the years, Dante has demonstrated the hatred he now possess for Vergil, growing to a point where Dante does not even consider him family, just “another demon, scurrying around in the dirt” This was demonstrated on the Valiant, where Dante stabbed Vergil without any hesitation, after Vergil had attempted to kill the Doctor.

Martha Jones: As usual, when Dante first met Martha on Malcasarrio, he flirted with her, where she stated that she “didn’t mind” after the Doctor asked him to stop. After saving the world from the Master and Vergil Redgrave, Dante thanked her, stating that he had “an enormous debt to pay.” He later met up with her after she had become a qualified doctor, as well as U.N.I.T’s medical advisor, during her time in Cardiff, where they, as well as Captain Jack, reminisced about being part of the “end of the world survivors club”. He was also reunited with her when he found the Doctor, who she had called back to Earth during the Sontaran threat, and when the Daleks attempted to destroy realty itself.

Donna Noble: Hurt and upset after losing Rose, Dante did not take too kindly to the mouthy bride who had suddenly appeared in the TARDIS. After constant complaining, as well as insulting him, Dante was more that willing to let the Racnoss consume her; it was only after the encouragement of the Doctor, that he agreed to help. While they left on good terms at Christmas time, Dante was less that ecstatic to learn that she was now travelling with the Doctor. After their bickering was settled by the Doctor, the ATMOS plan and the appearance of the Sontarans changed the subject to more matters that were important. After traveling with her for some time, Dante has become accustomed to Donna, going so far as to be generally upset when her face appeared on a Node in The Library, as well as when he and the Doctor wiped her mind of their travels together, in order to save her life.


Rebellion: One of Sparda’s ancient swords, along with Yamoto and Force Edge. It was used when Sparda turned against the Demon Emperor’s armies. Slaying countless of demon before him, Sparda gave Rebellion to his son, Dante, who later used it to his own end, including deflecting Sontaran lasers, hanging from a building, and impaling his own brother. Rebellion is said to be practically indestructible, and was Sparda’s oldest sword.

Yamoto: The second ancient sword of Sparda. It was used to seal up the gate between the demon world and the human world, as well as any “loose connections” in between. Originally, this sword was given to Sparda’s other son, Vergil. However, due to circumstances involving Vergil’s return to Earth as well as an alliance with the Master, a renegade Time Lord from the planet Gallifrey, Dante is now in possession of the sword. It is said to be able to cut through any substance in the universe.

Ebony & Ivory: The two automatic handguns used to slay demons, created by Dante himself. Invented during Dante’s early demon slaying years, these black and white weapons are Colt M1911s that have been heavily modified using demonic technology. He is very careful in letting people handle them, although Captain Jack used them once, and the Doctor threatened General Cobb with one. Dante has stated that he got the idea from his father, who also carried a pair of handguns around, although they were constructed once he met his wife. Sparda’s handguns were called Luce & Ombre, meaning Light and Dark in Italian.

Time Agency Wrist Strap: Along with Jack, Dante possesses a wrist strap given to him by the Time Agency, which contains a vortex manipulator, which allows him to travel through time, a teleport device, and a holographic projection device, which allows him to record a transmission using a holographic image. While Jack overused his device, which caused his to burn out, Dante kept his in very good condition.

Sonic Screwdriver: Given to Dante by the Doctor after helping him stop the Titanic crashing into London. The Doctor entrusted him with this piece of technology from his home world once he realised how much of a friend Dante was, especially after being there when Rose was trapped in a parallel world, and saving his life more than once. Similar in appearance to the Doctor’s screwdriver, Dante’s performs the same functions as the Doctor’s as well. It also has the ability to track the TARDIS’s current position anywhere in time and space, in conjunction with his vortex manipulator. This system however, failed when Davros relocated the Earth to the Medusa Cascade, and Dante could not locate the TARDIS.

Legend Of Sparda

The story of Dante’s father was revealed in “Girl in the Fireplace” by Reinette when she was in the company of her private tutor, unaware that Dante was also present in the room.

During the time when unearthly creatures inherited the Earth, a shadow knight rose up, holding an enchanted sword. This blade will challenge the devil’s reign. Destroying the minions of darkness that stand in his path, the knight finally faced the strongest demon. As their climatic battle raged across the surface of the planet, the people offered up their prayers in hope of the knight’s victory. The devil’s power could not compete with that of the knight’s and so was defeated and fell into oblivion. Rejoicing in the defeat of the dark demon, the people began to believe in the day when their heroic warrior would return to the mortal world once more, and sang songs of remembrance to the mysterious hero. These prayers became our strength, our miracle, and by this miracle, the shadow knight was reborn in the image of his son. It was then believed that, if ever the devil’s dark influence was to be felt again by the people, than the son of the heroic warrior would stand against the dark creature once more. As the shadow knight said, the darkness has cleared

Future Appearances

As of 2008, Dante last appeared in Journey’s End, leaving the Doctor’s company in order to return to Torchwood. His future appearances will be:

  • Later in 2008, he will appear in the Series 2 finale of Sarah Jane Adventures, aiding Sarah Jane in combating against the Sontarans, who also return. Another old face who appears is Sir Alistair Lethbridage Stewart, aka the Brigadier, an old ally of both Sarah Jane and the Doctor, as well as former head of the British regiment of U.N.I.T. The Doctor himself is also set to have a small cameo.
  • In 2009, Dante will appear in Torchwood Series 3, which consists of a five part miniseries of episodes, running over one week. He will appear alongside Captain Jack Harkness, Gwen Cooper, Ianto Jones, and Martha Jones, who replaces Owen Harper as the chief medic of the team, as well as Mickey Smith, who will replace Toshiko Sato as computer specialist.
  • Later on in 2009, he is set to appear once again, alongside the Doctor in one of the three special one-hour long episodes of Doctor Who. Rumors are that he will reunite with the Doctor, just as they encounter the Seventh Doctor and Ace, however this is just speculation.


  • Dante is the longest serving companion in the new series of Doctor Who, appearing from The Empty Child to The Runaway Bride, Utopia to Voyage of the Dammed, then The Sontaran Stratagem to Journey’s End. He appeared in Torchwood from Small Worlds to End of Days, then from Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, to Exit Wounds. In The Sarah Jane Adventures, he has only appeared in Revenge of the Slitheen.
  • Dante also has appeared more than 32 episodes of Doctor Who, overtaking Rose Tyler, who has appeared in 30 episodes, Martha Jones, who has appeared in 18, Donna Noble in 14, and Jack Harkness in 10.

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