Diana Alexandra Paul Meyers was the first companion of the Eleventh doctor. Shes played by actress Kristen Bell.

Diana Meyers

Diana Meyers early life.

Diana Alexandra Paul Meyers was born in Scotland on Febuary 7th 1978. Her father Johnny Kyle Meyers was a baker and her mother Alexandra Sarah Meyers was a nurse. Diana had a sister Chloe Samantha Meyers who was three years older than her. She had a brother Noah Jeffrey Meyers who was one year older than her. Diana liked playing basketball in her childhood. She was on a basketball team for three years as a kid. She was very good at it. She worked at McDonalds at thirteen but didn't work there very long because she was sacked. People harassed her and called her a temp because of that. But she was no temp. She got in fights in the 7th and 8th grades a lot. She had a bad temper. She became a better person later. People still called her a temp. She ignored them. She didn't have a bad temper afterwards. When she was eighteen she fell in love with a guy named Zachary Wilbur. He was nineteen. But their relationship ended when they were twenty one because he was furious the doctor kissed her (to take out the vortex energy that was put into her.). When Diana was 21 she met the doctor. She had a huge crush on him. He and her fought the master. She loved the doctor and hated the master.

early adventures.

Diana and the doctor fought the Judoon, the Sontaran, the cybermen, the daleks, and evil time lords. The doctor wasn't really romantically involved with her he was just good friends with her. She befriended River Song.

later adventures

In series 6 after fighting the rani she took a break from the doctors adventures. She went back to her normal life.

after the doctor.

After the doctor she was bored of her normal life. So she joined Jack Harkness in Torchwood and fought aliens with them.

the return of Diana Meyers.

2 years later Diana joined the doctor in his twelth incarnation and adventured with him many times and fell in love with him. But they couldn't be together because hes an immortal non aging time lord and shes a normal human that can age.