Why do we need a deletion policy?

Doctor Who Fanon (DWF) has many policies to maintain the wiki's smart and tidy look. We love to have people creating lots of content for us, however we also like to have content that is of a high quality. We have a deletion policy so that articles continue to present the wiki as a wiki that is smart and sophisticated and creates great content.

How can I help?

If you see an article that you think meets our criteria for deletion (see below) then please add {{Delete}} to the page. An enforcer will usually delete the page within a month, but if not then please message one of them.

What reasons can be given for deleting an article?

The enforcer of the deleting can give any reason they like as long as they are just.

Some of the main criteria for deletion are:
Short pages (up to 1000 bytes) that have not been edited for a year.*
•Advertisement for other wikis.
•An author request it's deletion.
•The author refuses to use the correct templates (this could also result in a ban).

If the article does not meet the criteria, but you think it needs to be deleted then please ask the author first. If no response is given after 2 months (as long as the author is not on a hiatus), then the page can be deleted.

Who enforces the rules?

A person who's job it is to delete pages is called an enforcer. The following is the list of enforcers on the wiki and their staff rank:

Main Enforcer MattyMG13
Administrator • Bureaucrat • Chat Moderator • Rollback

Note: Anyone with administrator privileges can delete articles, but not all choose to do so regularly.

What should I do if I think my page or another page has been deleted unjustly?

If you think a page was deleted unjustly then please contact the person who deleted the page about it first. If they fail to respond or they do and don't agree with them, then please contact the main or secondary enforcer. If they do not agree either then contact a member of staff. If all that fails, then please accept that the page needs to be deleted.

*If it is under 1000 bytes, it must have been edited by the original author (or someone who has adopted the page) in the past year. E.g if the original author last edited on March 15 2015 and today is March 15 2016, then the page can be deleted even if other users (who have not adopted it) have edited it.

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