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A featured work on Doctor Who Fanon is a work of fan-fiction, in narrative or graphic form, that exemplifies quality. Unlike featured articles, featured works are not necessarily written in an article style format—their designation is strictly for novels, fan comics, short stories, etc. Works selected as featured have an excerpt displayed on the main page for a month at a time. The featured works are managed by the site Administration and are listed below.

To become featured:

  1. The work must be finished.
  2. The work must be of sufficient length as to merit featured work status. A general qualifier is 10,000 words for a novel and 200 words for a short story, at a minimum. If other categories of work are nominated, it will be at the discretion of the Administration as to an appropriate length.
  3. The work must be of sufficient quality to merit featured work status and display on the Main Page, as determined by the Administration
  4. A cover is preferred but not absolutely mandatory. It is better to have no cover than a bad cover.


  1. Doctor Who Adventures/City of Light by Styracosaurus Rider.
  2. Doctor Who The Next Doctor/The Dragon of St. Romain by Pinguinus.
  3. Doctor Who: The Next Doctor/The Sands of Kharestan by Styracosaurus Rider
  4. Doctor Who: The Next Doctor/Movie: The Time War by Turtlecake365
  5. Twelfth Doctor Adventures/Birthday Special by Finn Tracy
  6. Doctor Who Adventures/The Island of Paradox by MasterCharmander13


  1. Skye is the Limit: Season One by WaitingfortheDoctor
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