Manual of Style

  • Page Ownership
    • Pages are non communal
    • Individual pages are owned by the creator unless otherwise stated. If you wish to have a page under the same title, place your name in parenthesis after the title on a new page.
    • You should not edit other's pages without permission, bar maintenance and consistency edits.
    • If a page is adopted, the adopter can edit at will. They will become the owner as soon as 30% of the original content is changed or added.
  • Fan Fiction
    • Pages under 50 words should have a note saying that the article is a stub
    • Try not to create stubs. If the story is meant to be short, please make a note at the top.
  • Userspace
    • User pages can be all lengths and not be considered stubs. No mature content. Please keep edits to them under 15%.
    • However, if you feel a page is unfit for the mainspace as of yet, please DO NOT make the incomplete page into a blog post. Use user sub-pages instead. [[User:<insert name here>/example]]. Otherwise, incomplete mainspace articles are OK, with a stub template.
  • Templates
    • Please do not edit templates if you do not know what you are doing. If you must, please use your sandbox.
  • General style and licensing
    • If in doubt about anything, work up the hierarchy ladder.
    • You should not copy from ANY other website unless you have the owner of that website's permission.
    • *Also, art must be used with permission from the author and appropriate credit.
    • No use of curse words in excess, no use of inappropriate content.
    • Talk page abuse: The messages on a talk page shall be retained in all content. If a page becomes too long, an archive is acceptable if in the proper format.
  • Forum
    • Threads should have a clear purpose and a topic to discuss.
    • Forum threads are not a blog substitute.
    • Threads MUST be placed in the correct board. The board description is on the main forum page.
    • If a board is placed incorrectly, it must be moved. The creator of the thread will be issued a warning by an admin.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.