Review Policy

The review policy governs how pages on the wiki should be reviewed.

Which pages can be reviewed?

All pages can be reviewed but not all pages should be reviewed.

Doctor Who Fanon suggests that you only review episodes or, perhaps, series. Whilst you are permitted to review characters, locations, vehicles, or any other of the pages on DWF, we advise against it. This is because episodes and series are the main form of content on the wiki and so should be reviewed by other users, whereas other pages are usually secondary to the episodes or series and - though DWF values them highly - are of less importance. Over-saturation of reviews on all pages will likely lead to a devaluation of scores and of wiki content, which DWF does not want.

How do I review?

Back in old days of Doctor Who Fanon, we would leave simple review summaries on the talk pages of pages. However, the wiki no longer enables the use of talk pages as we have switched to the comment system.

Therefore, please leave all reviews in the comment section of the article you wish to review.

To review, use the simple template below:

{{Review|story name here|overall score here|plot score here|character score here|creativity score here|writing score here|your review here|any advice here|your user name here|the date here}}

Which should give you this:

Review of:
story name here
Overall Score: overall score here

Plot Score: plot score here
Character Development Score: character score here
Creativity Score: creativity score here
Writing Score: writing score here


Review: your review here
Advice: any advice here

Behind the Scenes:

Reviewed by: your user name here
Review date: the date here

If you would like to review this story, or any other story on Doctor Who Fanon, please visit our review policy page to find out more.

To see an example of a review (and of an article that was deemed a 10/10), check out Blind Fury.

What are the reviewing rules?

  1. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all. Although most users can take criticism, some, sadly, cannot. You will know who these users are and so will probably not review their stories anyway but, if you think a piece of work is so bad that you do not have a singular nice thing to say to sweeten your critique, then don't leave a review at all.
  2. Be sweet. Following on from the previous rule, it is fine to criticise as it will help a user flourish and improve. However, it is always polite to be extra kind when discussing flaws in a user's work.
  3. Keep it realistic. A ten out of ten piece of work should be one of the best you have ever read on the wiki. It should have an fantastic plot, relatable characters, creative twists and a unique writing style. Take a look at our featured works to see what a ten should look like. If it does not meet this criteria, then please don't over-exaggerate. As stated before, we don't want to over-saturate reviews.
  4. Follow general wiki rules. No excessive swearing, or racism, or sexism, or inappropriate content, etc.
  5. Don't review your own work, duh. Nobody likes a narcissist. Don't review your own work. You will only look silly.
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