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"That's what I wanted to say. Thanks, basically. Good-"

"Bye," the Doctor added sadly watching Donna Noble flickering from the TARDIS for the last time.

The Doctor looked at the controls and flicked them randomly, trying to occupy his mind from what he had seen.

"Anywhere but Earth," he murmured to himself as he fiddled with the helmet regulator.

Suddenly the TARDIS shook violently, throwing the Doctor about, as he hung onto a piece of coral which spiralled up to the roof. The scanner began to flicker between Gallifreyan symbols and suddenly the TARDIS came to a halt. The only problem was a white haired man not facing the Doctor standing in the room.

"What?" asked the Doctor.

"Chesterfield! Is that you? My, my, what's happened in here, it's all organic!" the man said.

"It's you."

"What do you mean boy?"

The man turned around to face the Doctor; he was the First Doctor.

"What are you doing in the TARDIS?" asked the First Doctor.

"I'm your tenth regeneration! And I can prove it! You fled the Daleks when they went into battle with the Mechanoids after chasing you all across time and space, and you defeated the Cybermen at; oh, hold on, you haven't met the Cybermen yet," said the Tenth Doctor.

"I don't like your dress sense, it's all very modern, suit, tie, and unsuitable footwear, how very boring."

"Well, I did tone down the dress sense ever since I started wearing that leather jacket, especially after I spent years in that fancy dress costume from 1999 America. And at least now you can't call me a dandy or a clown!"

"When did I call you that?"

"Oh, you will, one day."

"Now come on and send me back to my TARDIS! At once!"

"Now, now, respect your elders mister! And I'm about 700 years your senior so be polite!"

The Doctor turned back to the console and began trying to locate the First Doctor's TARDIS.

"Hold on, where were you before you appeared in here?" asked the Tenth Doctor.

"I'd just come from a long overdue dentist appointment, cracked my tooth on a sweet!"

"The OK Corral? And the Celestial Toymaker! Goodness, I haven't seen him in a few centuries. The problem is, though, your TARDIS should be in the time vortex as well, in flight, but I can't pick up any traces of Time Lord technology in the vortex, which is bad; very bad."

"It's all a bit dark in here don't you think?"

"Not really, I can't believe how I put up with all that fluorescent lighting for all those centuries, I much prefer a bit of organic I must say."

"Will you hurry up and find my TARDIS?"