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The Gandrians are the native species of the planet Gandra. They are one of the oldest species in the Universe. They made it their sole purpose to 'preserve' the entire history of life in the Universe by documenting their history.


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The history of the Gandrians goes from a wealthy and respected empire, to a chaotic anarchy before becoming a weakened republican planet and finally restored to its current state as one of the most powerful and oldest empires in the Universe.


Gandrians evolved quickly after their race was born. Their cells adapted to the slow year of Gandra, constantly regenerating to age extremely slowly. Their cells do not regenerate that much when they get older. The average life expectancy is 300 Gandrian years (24000 Earth years).

Their skin is extremely resilient, not affected by bullets or spears or blades. Only energy weapons such as lasers seem to pierce through their skin. Gandrians evolved this way to adapt to Gandra's 'rock storms', which pulverised their bodies to death. Their skin also acted as a 'heat pocket', allowing them to survive naturally in the planet's subzero temperatures during winter.

Gandrians all have yellow eyes. Their eyes can focus on certain points like how a camera 'zooms in and out' of things and can see in the dark. The yellow is actually a layer of sclera that protects their eyes from 'rock storms' and sandstorms.

Gandrians also have enlarged canine teeth, which they had since they were first born, when they were a primal race feeding on the other animal species on Gandra. There is no known reason as to why evolved Gandrians still possess these 'fangs'.

Also, they possess pointed ears that grant them enhanced hearing, far better than humans. These are also from the time when Gandrians had not evolved to their current forms.


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Gandrian technology is arguably one of the most advanced in the Universe. They mastered space travel very early into their evolution, and were able to perfect it throughout the years. They are able to create nigh-impenetrable shields that have protected their space crafts and their planet from attacks.

The shields have also been used for Gandrians themselves. Intellegence Soldiers gain a manacle that attachs to their wrist and envelopes the Soldier in an invisible shield. These shields are powerful enough to deflect even Dalek death rays. However, such elements as water (drowning), explosions and fire and lack of atmosphere, can kill the Gandrian regardless of the shield.

Their weapons are even more effective. All built using a rare mineral known as Kio, which contains explosive kinetic energy that can cause massive destruction if used as a weapon. Kio is abundant in Gandra, so the Gandrians are able to use it excessively.

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