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The Ha'ahl are a race of nomadic paristitic invaders that move from one hospitable planet to the next, wiping out the inhabitants and draining the planet's resources, before departing to their next target. They are the sworn enemies of the Gandrians, as they were the only race that encountered and defeated the Ha'ahl, besides the Humans.


Because the Ha'ahl moved from place to place a lot, their history is nearly impossible to record. What is known is that they originated from the planet, Crimson-Sphere. The Sphere was small and desolate. The Ha'ahl grew to become aggressive, due to the conditions they lived in and in need of a larger home because of their over-crowding.

The Ha'ahl managed to evolve so that they could survive even the vacuum of space. Now weilding the power to live anywhere, they swiftly destroyed the Crimson-Sphere, and began searching for a new home. They visited many planets, and took them all over, regardless of any other sentient beings originally living there, who were promptly executed. Seeing how much they could use in these new planets, the Ha'ahl freely wasted the planet's resources, usually destroying the planet in the process. After they finish, they move on to the next planet.

Due to the growing number of Ha'ahl, the race splitted into different 'tribes', ruled by a 'Cheif', going separately to other planets, spreading like a disease.


The Ha'ahl have aquired a number of abilities to help them adapt to any location.

  • Able to survive in any environment, even space
  • Extended lifespans
  • Invunerable to metal weapons (spears, knives, bullets etc.)
  • Superstrength
  • Omnilingual
  • Flight
  • Resistant to ill effects of entering a planet's atmosphere

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