Habitat Beta was a human colony space station in orbit around earth in the fifty first century,it was staffed by a Psychic Robot staff that could be controlled directly by thoughts.The purpose of the station was to provide temporary accommodation to people seeking transport to other human colonies and planets,its population was so wide and vibrant the station had become almost like a settlement in its own right.People had set up many socialising areas,markets and workplaces.It appeared in the first doctor story by 666hotline "terror in beta".During the events of this story the robot servants were possesed by an alien entity who took control of the robot staff and attempted to wipe the inhabitants of the station out.The entire station was controlled by the mainframe computer in the core of the complex.


The inhabitants of this station slept in large chambers of tightly packed beds several tiers high,all food was purchased in one of the countless canteen areas.Although most had come to this station to be forwarded to other planets many chose to make this their permanent home,upon arrival each family was assigned its own personal psychic robot to control.


Many rooms existed on this sprawling space station including:

  • The transmat room,a large room containing teleport equipment for sending inhabitants to their destination.
  • Many landing platforms for new arrivals to dock their ships on.
  • The bridge where all decisions were made by the commander.
  • The nerve centre,this was the largest room in the station where the mainframe computers were operated from.