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Kendall was a villain of the silly animal parody of doctor who called doctor huh. Only the eighth, ninth, and tenth incarnations of the doctor battled her. She is not a reference to any of the doctor who characters or villains.


Kendall O Riley was born in Wales in April 1978. She worked as a scientist and when she was twenty six she invented a superhuman potion. She used it even though it was untested and it made her transform into a large, ugly and ferocious humanoid pig monster. She had superstrength and the ability to jump from far distances. She caused mayhem on the streets for days. The eighth doctor and his companion Lucie Pickle investigated what was going on and they battled her neath an old bridge on a rainy day. It was a rough and gritty battle. When Kendall tried to kill Lucie when the doctor was down and defeated in the battle he fired his sonic banana at her which reverted her to her normal self and she fell asleep. Three years later she encountered the doctor again and mutated into the monster again and she stole pizza so she called herself the pizza pig. She rematched with him. This time the doctor was alone. She impaled the doctor so he regenerated into his ninth incarnation. He reverted her back to her normal form and had her arrested. She encountered the tenth doctor and Rose twice and she lost to them. She was later killed by Micky Snake.