The Labyrinth is a space-station used by the Minotaur as a prison ship during their raid of Pink Vale Middle/Elementary School. Everyone inside the school’s 3rd science lab was teleported into individual holding prisons in the Labyrinth’s airlock known as Cell 1. The Labyrinth was identified by Cross as a Cellscape station, meaning that each other segment of the ship (Cells 2-55) were converted into atoms and stored in the airlocks at the end of the ship. These airlocks were manned by a complicated procedure that involved the Minotaurs’ hand being placed on a panel that had a built-in fingerprint-scan. Anyone who had denied access would be charged with 12 kiloampers. The next cell then materialized in front of the airlock, and once the oxygen, radiation, and stabilization readings showed it was safe to enter, the airlock opened. The Labyrinth also had a reset capacity, which would initiate the restoring of Cells 2-55. It also releases 200 rads of radiation. The access lever for the reset was located in Cell 15. This was unintentionally activated by Jodie East. She materialized in Cell 15.

The Labyrinth is based on the Cretan Labyrinth.