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This page is a list of episodes for the spin-off series Jenny. It features Jenny from the Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Daughter" in her travels through space.

The first series was confirmed on Tuesday 13th May 2008, only a few days after "The Doctor's Daughter" aired. It was later confirmed that filming was almost complete and that an airdate of Sunday 20th July 2008 proposed.

Series One

Series One began production in secret in November 2007, and the eight episodes finished filming in late April 2008. Throughout May and June the final effects, musical scores and edits were made. As of June, the first five episodes are complete and ready to air.

The series will begin on July 20th on BBC Three at 8pm, similar to the Doctor Who timeslot.

News that has been confirmed so far is that fans can expect to see a criminal planet, a gateway to a supposed afterlife, an episode spent in Jenny's mind and a shocking finalé with a very special guest star. There have also been confirmations of Doctor Who villains appearing, with the Daleks, the Judoon, the Mara and the Vashta Nerdada set to appear.

No. Title Writer Airdate Synopsis
1 "The Lawless World" Stephen Greenhorn July 20, 2008 Jenny's rocket makes its first unexpected stop on the planet Rilmarhki, short of fuel. Rilmarkhi was once home to a utopian society, but after attack from space pirates it became nothing more than a lair for criminals, and Jenny's about to encounter just how savage things can get...
2 Jenny meets Rose Steven Moffatt July 27 2008 As Jenny meets Rose Tyler from 2005 just before she meets the 9th Doctor they meet the autons for the very first time
3 The New Tardis Noel Clarke August 4 2008 They go to a museum where it has lots of different types of tardis but in one of them is Vashta Nerada??
4 Vashta Nerada Steven Moffatt August 11 2008 The Vashta Nerada dwelling in an extensive art museum home to some of the galaxy's greatest works.
5 Crossover Helen Raynor and James Moran August 24 2008 This was the day that she really needed help from Torchwood and Sarah Jane Smith but how would she do it ready for the big battle??
6 The History of the Daleks Matt Jones August 31 2008 A history of files is collected and put into a computer to see what is inside them (Contains flashbacks from previous episodes in Dr Who since 1963)
7 The Begining of the Daleks Stephen Greenhorn September 6 2008 The Daleks need a leader and there is someone returning from the dark and he is 903 years old and he is the man who going to save your lives??
8 The Return of the Doctor Stephen Greenhorn September 6 2008 The Big battle ends as someone dies for real(Contains death and blood at the end of the show)

As well as Greenhorn, other confirmed writers for one episode each are Russell T. Davies, Matt Jones, James Moran and Helen Raynor. They will be joined by Steven Moffat who has written two episodes.