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Doctor Who Fanon is Wikia's first and largest Doctor Who Fan Fiction site. Our goal is to provide a free online outlet that gives you the means to write your own adventures about the Doctor Who Universe. Since its establishment in 2007, Doctor Who Fanon has reached the size of over 2,000 articles. May your fictions be about The Doctor, those ruthless Daleks, or the nasty Cybermen, you can let your imagination take flight on our site!
What is Fanon?
Fanon is a slang term used especially on the Doctor Who Fanon Wiki that is an abbreviated form of fan-canon or fan fiction. The proper usage of the term refers to fan-created information that is generally accepted as canon but has not officially been made canon by BBC
What is Fan Ficton?
Fan fiction is a broad term referring to stories about characters, events, settings, and other items written by fans of a published work rather than by the author of the original work. Fan fiction is almost never commissioned or actively approved by the owner, publisher, or creator of an original work, and they are very rarely published, however most original authors turn a blind eye to fan fiction so long as fan fiction authors are not receiving a profit from their stories. Because of this, fan fiction is both related to the canon of the fictional universe it is set in but exists outside of that universe's canon.
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