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In the funny animal version of Doctor Who, the Ninth Doctor appears as a monkey. Instead of Time Lords, they are called Time Animals in Doctor Huh.

The Ninth doctor battles Dogons, a race of plastic dummies, that resemble dogs in the very first episode of Doctor Huh series one. He met Rose Tiger and chose her as his companion.

In the very last episode of Doctor Huh series one, Rose Tiger looks into the heart of the TARDIS and absorbs vortex energy and becomes Bad Wolf. She kills the daleks and the dalek emperor. She could see the future. She knew everything. She absorbed the whole time vortex. But the Ninth Doctor kisses her and he absorbs the vortex energy. Rose didn't know the time vortex and didn't have those super powers after that. She faints. He carried Rose inside the tardis.

The Doctor was dying. Every cell in him was dying. Rose wakes up. He tells her about regeneration. He tells her he has to regenerate. So then his hands become flaming hands. His head and face become flaming. He's powering up and powering up. All of a sudden his tail grows short. His fur turns dark brown. His eyes turn a brown colour. He grows moose antlers. He turns into a moose.

Then he is no longer powering up. His hands and his head aren't flaming anymore. He stopped the regeneration. He was a moose and a moose Rose thought was very handsome.

He says "Now, so where was I? Barcelona! That's right!"

Then it's the end. It says doctor huh will return in the invasion on Christmas. The Ninth doctors companions include Rose Tiger, Adam Mothell, Jack Barkness, and Lynda Moth.