The Nyklus are the native species of the planet Jacowitz. They are the oldest species in the Universe, as life on other planets is dependant on their existance.


The Nyklus have an average lifespan of 13 billion years, making them one of the oldest species in the universe. Their home planet is run by the Lavizsia family, an ancient family who have been around since the dawn of time. As each ruling member of the family passed away, a new 'age' of time began, due to the length of their rein. They are currently in their seventh age, under the rule of Queen Ariella. Though they look human in form, they posess psychic powers, and prefer to use telepathy to speak.

With each new Nyklus, a new star is born, a star which dies with them. The reason for this is unknown.


As the oldest species in the Universe, their technology is highly advanced. However, knowing what they know, they refuse to develop time travel.