Out of the Darkness is the third episode of the Bluesilver Series. It features the departure of Rose Tyler and the introduction of Jennifer Locke as the new companion.

story name= Out of the Darkness
series=Bluesilver 1
doctor=Tenth Doctor
companions= Rose Tyler(departure),"Jenny" Locke(introduction)
Setting= England, 1976
broadcast date= 13th June, 2008
previous story=Sins of the Father
next story=Element of Catastophe


The Doctor and Rose are drawn to an ordinary town in England and meet a smart and creative girl called Jennifer. When she learns of the Doctors TARDIS she hatches a devious plan to travel with him, but when an otherworldly force takes over will the TARDIS and The Doctor even remain? The darkness is coming for each and every one of the townspeople and only Jennifer can stop it.


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Story Notes

  • the working title for this story was Dark Matter


  • Rose mentions the "Battle at Canary Wharf"


To Be Added


  • This Story will feature the Vashta Narada
  • This will be an "everyone dies" story