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Psychic robots were robotic servants on the human colony ship Habitat Beta in the fifty-first century.They were encountered by The first Doctor, Susan,Ian and Barbara in the serial Terror in Beta.During the course of these episodes they were controlled by an unidentified entity and turned against their human masters.


The robots were roughly human shaped with featureless domed heads and a black metallic look.Their skeletal limbs were hydraulic with several extending and retracting tools including a cable to connect to the station's mainframe,also included was a long needle for manipulation of objects.The chest section of the robots bore the logo of habitat beta which was a large indented letter B in the centre of a large circle,this logo could slide aside to act as storage.


New orders were fed to the robots through a small piece of psychic paper in the head section,this is what was possessed by the entity.The psychic control was used to control them without verbally speaking to them.Orders could also be put to them by typing them into the mainframe of the station.Their psychic functionality was also used as a weapon when they transmitted a psychic message to a human interfacing with them instructing them to stop breathing.