Season Twenty-Seven aired during 1990 and was made up of four serials. It featured the Seventh Doctor portrayed by Sylvester McCoy and was the last to feature his companion Ace who departed in the last story. It ran from September 22nd until December 22nd


The series continued the adventures of the Seventh Doctor and Ace in the TARDIS. It introduced a number of new enemies such as the Skar'uth which are a race of insectoids with a hunger for blood as well as a criminal boss who was partly cybernetic due to his dabbling with aliens known as Terry Hargreaves. The series also reintroduced popular aliens the Ice Warriors who had not been seen since the 1970s story "The Monster of Peladon".

The theme music was altered slightly for this series as was the logo. The theme music introduced a new screeching sound reminiscent of the one accompanying the Howell theme to begin and end episodes, and the logo became completely silver on a background which appeared to be the event horizon of a black hole.


?"Alien Ethics"Ben AaronovitchThe Doctor and Ace arrive in 1990s London to find a group of insectoid aliens testing on humans after infiltrating a hospital.
?"The Man With a Metal Leg"Andrew CartmelA local criminal boss is more than meets the eye, especially due to the fact that he is partly cybernetic...
?"The Other Side"Marc PlattThe house on Courtney Street holds a terrifying secret and a gateway to a land beyond life...
?"Invaders From Mars"Andrew CartmelIn 1960s London the Ice Warriors have arrived, and they're planning to freeze London and soon the world as Mars is becoming unstable.