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Series 1 will be the first series of short stories written by Mr. Garrison featuring the Tenth Doctor. The stories are set between "Journey's End" and the untitled 2008 Christmas special.

The companion for this series will be Leyla Cartwright, and there will be appearances by former companions as well and even a previous incarnation of the Doctor.


1"Doctors of Old and New"Mr. GarrisonThe Doctor watches Donna Noble's farewell hologram fade away and he sets the controls for anywhere but Earth. He does however end up on Earth in the 1960s and accidentally "abducts" Leyla Cartwright before the First Doctor manages to appear in the TARDIS...
2"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
3"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
4"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
5"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
6"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
7"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
8"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
9"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA
10"TBA"Mr. GarrisonTBA