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This page is a list of my short stories, they form a series of 13 stories each, with every series containing story arcs and a fractured timeline.

Series One

1"Changed World"Casey Smith discovers alien activity on her local estate, and meets the mysterious Doctor.
2"Death by Music"The TARDIS travels to the past, unfortunately, there's a deadly song in the air...
3"This is Your Life"Travelling thirty years into the future, Casey finds her own grave and discovers the terrible life that lies ahead of her.
4"Return of the Sister"Casey's sister turns up in the far future after falling through a hole in time.
5"The Haunting of Highgate"In North London, there's a chilling tale in the air of spectres and demons walking in the night, so the Doctor decides to go ghost hunting.
6"House of Horror"The Celestial Toymaker returns, and manages to trap the Doctor inside his haunted house. Can the Doctor and Casey escape old foes such as the Weeping Angels, Autons, Toclafane and Quarks?