Template:Property story name=Sins of the Father
series=Bluesilver 1
doctor=Tenth Doctor
companions= Rose Tyler
enemy=The Longitus
Setting= Messaline, 6017
broadcast date= 6th June, 2008
previous story=Toy Soldiers
next story=Out of the Darkness


The Doctor and Rose are summoned by Jenny back to Messaline. There Rose meets The Doctors Daughter and the trio find the balance between Human and Hath has been disrupted. When the underground caverns start to flood everyone's life is in danger; is violence the only way to fight the menacing Longitus?


A young woman and a male hath on Messaline were exploring the underground system of streets which belonged to their ancestors. “7 day war!” the woman said.
“bloop, bloop” replied the Hath.
“I know,” the two started to laugh not realizing a blue humanoid following them. They were not long after contacted by another explorer about half a mile deeper. “Get out of here right now! The Longitus are flowing again! Run, for god sake, RUN!” Then a crashing wave sound echoed through the tunnels.

In the TARDIS Rose asked the Doctor what he was doing with the psychic paper. “We’re going to the planet Messaline, Someone wants to see me.” He replied with a smile.
“Who wants to see you?” Rose asked.
“My Daughter” The Doctor placed the paper into a slot on the TARDIS and fiddled with some controls like a madman. He then asked Rose to turn the screwdriver to setting 254,326 which connects the buffers to the hammer, which the doctor smashed on the console. The TARDIS stopped whirring and the two exited into a lush tropical forest; in the middle of some flower beds stood Jenny, The Doctors daughter.

“Bit sick of the running now!” Jenny quickly mentioned.
“So whats going on then, you said it was really important.” The Doctor asked Jenny.
“Well I’ve got tired of running, found ways around violence in problems and found out 15 people have be killed in the underground streets; all of them within 10 minutes of each other. So it’s all good.”
“You’re like your father, love trouble, you’d enjoy anything.” Rose commented. The Doctor and Jenny answered “that’s me” in unison.

Jenny asked what it was, but first The Doctor asked why Jenny was still alive. She explained the 15 hour regeneration cycle and how she was still within it. The Doctor grew bored but just smiled and nodded. The three heard a crashing wave coming from below and found the tunnel to be flooded with water. Water which steadily drained into nothing, revealing a young woman and a hath, both dead. “they didn’t die of drowning, they couldn’t have done they weren’t submerged long enough even if they weren’t able too breathe long underwater.” Jenny said terrified of what she just saw.
“It’s Longitus.” The Doctor confirmed. More to be added