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Super Smash Bros. Doctor who is a spin off of the Super Smash Bros series published by Nintendo. like the other games in the series, shows a roster of characters fighting in various kinds of matches. However this game also features Characters from Doctor who.

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List of Playable Characters

72 characters are playable in Super Smash Bros. Smash Wars.

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  • Torchwood Hub
  • Tardis
  • Dalek City
  • Tomb of the cybermen
  • Peach's castle
  • Skyworld
  • Castle siege
  • Green Greens
  • WarioWare inc
  • Shadow moses island
  • Yoshis island
  • The Death zone
  • Unit HQ
  • Torchwood 1
  • Sontaran Battleship
  • Dalek Flagship
  • Cyber king
  • Platform one
  • satilite five
  • Silurian caves
  • Battlefield
  • Final Destination

Assist trophies