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The Cruciform was the flagship Of Rassilon during the Time Lord's war against the Great Vampires. After the war, it was hidden at the edge of the universe as it had the power to shatter planets.

Well.... 100 Darlek Saucers headed our way, and we have a giant crossbow. Where's the TARDIS when I need her.
— War Doctor


The Crucifrom was "as long as great vampire stood tall," as described in the records of Rassilon. It's length was to incorporate a bolt of pure void steel, a metal made from the fabric of the outside of the universe. The bolt re-made it self after being fired, but it would take 2 earth hours. However the ship had a experimental time drive, that allowed it to move it self out of time to the rest of the universe. It had defense shields, but they would deactivate when the ship was out of sync. The ship was in fact smaller on the inside, being only a single room from where the whole ship can be controlled.


The Crucifrom was designed by Rassilon in the first months of the Time Lord's war with the Great Vampires. To speed it's construction, Rassilon used a experimental Time Stasis Field to trap it's constructors out of sync with the universe. After 1,000 years in the field, but with only a few hours passing in real time, the ship was complete.

Use and Problems

The Crucifrom was used to great affect against the the Great Vampires, with it's destructive bolts being used to destroy any planet that the Great Vampires were nesting on. It killed half the vampires killed during the war, and 29 plants were obliterated.

However, it was discovered every time the ship went in and out the Stasis Field, it created holes in time that monstrous aliens began to come through, It was further speculated, that if the ship kept switching in and out of real time, then the created breach could consume part of a galaxy. Once the King of the Great Vampires fled, Rassilon had the ship sent to the edge of the universe, and put out of sync so the monstrous beings, called Time Dragons, would guard it for eternity.

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