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The Jenny Chronicles is a spin-off series of Doctor Who that will air sometime in 2010. It will focus on the Doctor's artificially created "daughter" who was portrayed by Georgia Moffett in the Season 4 Doctor Who episode The Doctor's Daughter and her time-traveling adventures. The show is sort of like a combination of Doctor Who and Torchwood, containing unique elements of each. There will be more violence and guns than Doctor Who and the Sarah Jane Adventures but less than Torcwhood. Jenny will try to imitate her father's non-violent methods of protecting the universe but may use weapons and violent tactics if extremely necessary. Each series of the Jenny Chronicles will consist of 10 45 Minute Episodes. The Jenny Chronicles is a rumored title. Other possible titles include The Jenny Adventures or The Doctor's Daughter (the same title of Jenny's Doctor Who episode).

Jenny and her Equipment/Abilities


An artificially generated daughter of the Doctor using his DNA. She had military programming put into her mind that provides her skill in combat and marksmanship as well as espionage and survival tactics. She came back to life after being shot since she died near "the Source". She is very energetic and adventurous. Her father instilled a desire in her to protect life and to realize that violence should not be the first option to combating evil.


Jenny has several technological devices. Jenny initially travels in her space pod from the episode Doctor Who episode "The Doctor's Daughter". Eventually she gets a larger spaceship that can hold a crew of about three people. This ship is called a Warp Pod and is capable of teleporting across the universe. It is essentially a TARDIS, being able to pick up Distress Signals, but with the ability to travel in space but not time. The Warp Pod is bound to its crew members, only capable of being activated with their permission. She also has a retractable grappling hook-like device that can wrap around poles or clutch into surfaces. The wire is retractable and designed to withstand a large amount of weight. In addition, Jenny has a Sonic Blaster that she obtained while still in the 51st century. Her Sonic Blaster is gray and green instead of the typical gray and blue, and emits green rays instead of blue ones. Other devices include translation bands worn by Jenny and her friends that can translate unknown languages (whether written or spoken).


Jenny is a Time Lady, but unlike her father, she is unable to regenerate but did inherit other Time Lord traits like having two hearts, providing a stronger circulatory system, and having some minor psychic abilities such as memory analysis, the ability to sense other Time Lords, and space-time sensitivity (sensing problems with the fabric of the space-time continuum).