The Jenny archives is a spin off series of doctor who. Its about Jenny the Tenth doctors daughter artificially created from his DNA. Georgia Moffet returns as Jenny.

Series one

the caverns of Rojokolis part 1

the caverns of Rojokolis part 2

the caverns of Rojokolis part 3

Jenny versus the Judoon


the return of Absorbaloff

Jenny fights the daleks

Jenny fights the Sontaran

Jenny versus Robo Jenny

Robo Jenny returns part 1

Robo Jenny returns part 2

Jenny meets Ace McShane

Jenny meets Bruce Lee

slitheen invaders

I really hate daleks

cybermen invasion

About series one

Series one was released in 2008. Russel T Davies directs many of the episodes.

series two


Absorbaloff ressurected!

the rani and the daleks

the ranis revenge

the ranis new henchmen

the son of Grendel part 1

the son of Grendel part 2

Jennys green tardis

I love time traveling

the return of General Cobb

the death of General Cobb

the rani regenerates

the attack of the newly regenerated rani

the death of the rani

the brother of the master

uh oh

attack of the androids

Emperor Caughtemoc

Beowulf and Grendel

I'm just like Indiana Jones!

about series two

series two was made in 2009

about future episodes

Jenny may regenerate at the end of the third series. British actress Florence Hoath will play Jennys second incarnation in series 4 and series 5.

the gadgets of Jenny

the sonic toothbrush

the sonic toothbrush is much like the doctors sonic screwdriver and a little like the masters laser screwdriver. Jenny received it at the end of series 1. It can shoot lasers and it has the ability to heal the badly wounded. If their is some vehicle thats rusty Jenny fires a ray at it with her sonic toothbrush and it makes it shiny, clean, and not rusty.

the laser knife

the laser knife is a gadget and weapon Jenny uses.

the grappling gun

The grappling gun is a gadget used not for fighting but for escaping from the bad guys. If Jenny shoots a tree with her grappling gun it takes her to the tree. Kim Possible and Batman have used a grappling gun as a gadget too.