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IS a series of Doctor Who written by TARDY the TARDIS. It is often referred to as Season X, but only by the Creator. It has two story arcs, leading up to the finale. Each episode lasts approx 35 minutes and there are 10 episodes and a feature length Finale lasting 120 minutes.

Arc One

This Part follows the Doctor, alone in the universe looking for a friend. He saves a planet from Cybermen, meets a new friend, Jaycee, Stops some Giants destroying a planet, Invents a Sonic Drill, Accidently blows up the Vespiform hive and discovers the Elephants Graveyard of TARDIS, where a Meta-Crisis Time Lady Lives.


Arc Two

After Meeting Eskay in the Ruins of Cardain and catching the Space plague, The Doctor and his companions arrive on Patform X, but all is not what it seems. As soon as he arrives, the Doctor is forced to Regenerate then has to make his way through the forests, mountains, oceans and cities that make Platform X up to get back to his TARDIS.


The Doctor makes it out of Platform X, but what the creatures did to his ship in there have made it start to die. Using some skillful driving and tactics, the Doctor has to save his TARDIS at any cost.