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The Ten Doctors is a Doctor Who fan comic on It reunites all the current doctors and many companions and enemies.


After the events on the runaway bride, the 10th Doctor arrives on the eye of Orion to relax. However, he finds Rose and the Ninth Doctor also taking a trip to the eye of Orion after they meet the reapers and the empty child.

Then, just after that, they hear an explosion. It is Ace blowing up some stale nitro 9. She is with the 7th Doctor after meeting some of his incarnations in the east end so she has experience.

Rose and Ace get into an argument then suddenly the 2nd Doctor, Jamie, and Zoe, from sometime in season 6b where the Time Lords make him do some jobs for them.

Also, the 3rd Doctor and Jo turn up after their encounter with the Daleks on spirdron. Jo has no problem in accepting the other Doctors since she's already met others.

Then the 5th Doctor, Tegan, and Turlough are surprised to meet other incarnations of the Doctor since they have just met other Doctors at the death zone.

The 3rd doctor shows concern about his 9th incarnation relationship with Rose and him lying about his age incidently.

The 6th doctor, who is actually 900 years old, turns up with Peri and also the 1st Doctor and Susan turn up before the Tardis's chamelon circuit is damaged. The 3rd Doctor explains the situation to him.

Rose is outraged that the Doctor hasn't told her he has had kids.

The 4th Doctor with K-9 and Romana II turn up and she organises the companions.

They soon find out the 8th Doctor is missing.