Template:Property The Warring Statues is the first of two easter specials preceeding the Bluesilver Series 2. It notably has one of the highest death tolls for a Doctor Who story. It was also criticised by some viewers as being rather macabre and violent for the new series, especially an easter special, while others praised the story for the same reason.

The Warring Statues
Series: Bluesilver 2
Story number: 2.1X
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Companion(s): Jennifer Locke
Enemy: Deva Luca

The Emperor
The Warring Trinity

Setting: Earth-like planet, 2398
Format: 2X60 minute episode
Previous Story: Deceit of the Rani
Following Story: Apocolypse


The Doctor and Jenny arrive on a planet in the late 24th century where they find two great nations battling it out for control. But when one side attempts to revive Deities from the planets long-forgotten past, The Doctor finds not only the Roteirians but the entire galaxy at stake. With time running out quickly, Jenny and The Doctor must stop The Emperor, Devo Luca and their hoardes of magical machines from unleashing a nigh unstoppable force.