This article, {{time and space}, is property of red dlm. story name==time and space
Created by==red dlm
Story number==1
Doctor==tenth doctor
Companions==jack,mickey and tom
Enemy==baron mason Mortimus
Setting== 1865
Format==1 45 minute episode
Previous Story==the christmas terror
Following Story==under water hell


the doctor and co go for a holiday in 1865 where technology is ahead of itself.


"Where do you wanna go Tom?,and by the way anytime,anyplace in the universe, apart the beginning and end by the way" the Doctor said,running about the console room. "I dunno, 19th century maybe" tom said doubtfully ,"okay what decade" the doctor said flicking a switch."60s maybe" said toby "okay sixty's" said the doctor flicking another switch. "and set to random 1860s good year,good luck you'll like it tom" the doctor said enthusiastically "okay and do you remember me and jack" mickey said. "oh sorry forgot about you" the doctor said apologetically . They land immediately, the doctor smells the air and says "1865". "Oh! then why has the Tardis landed on a escalator then" tom said. "oh er mm no idea!"the doctor said puzzled."fraud"tom muttered. They all walk along and find a flying car,"still think we're in the present eh?"said Tom "No.,not the present" said the doctor, "What do you think its the present alright" a voice said "1865 like always,accept a week ago then it was 1864 of course".The doctor turned round expecting to see a man,but instead saw a hologram."So stop living in the past and get a holo-disc see your friends,your boss,your workers anytime anyplace buy one now only 1*****" the hologram said."The early ones were always unreliable,they always stopped when they told you the price"the doctor said.