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Doctor Who

I first watched Doctor Who at a friend's sleepover in 2006. The episode was School Reunion, and even though it was an episode that contained a lot of references to episodes I hadn't seen, it captured my heart. I loved every second of it. I watched it the following week, and the week after, and just about every week since. Doctor Who is my favourite show of all time. Even its worst episodes are better than most other TV series.

I loved the 10th Doctor, in fact I love all the Doctors (yes, even 6), but it was the 11th Doctor who I truly connected with. That mad man in a box became my instant favourite Doctor, and those cosmic fairy tales will forever hold a place in my heart. Since then, the 12th Doctor has become my favourite, but the 11th will always be MY Doctor, the one who truly captured my soul and made Doctor Who such an incredible part of my life.