We Fish You A Merry Christmas is the First Episode of The Season Without A Product Code


The Doctor Was alone in his TARDIS, tracing a signal andTecho Blabbing to himself. "Its an Odd signal dont you think?" He asked, forgetting that he was once again, alone. He sighed and started fidling with the controls of his TARDIS again. After a while, the time-rotor in the middle stopped whirring and the Doctor Smiled. Now to find out what that signal is controlling." He un-plugged his Sonic Screwdriver from the consol and ran out the doors.

Eskay had been making herself a coffee in the kitchen when she heard the weird noise. "The TV wasn't that loud." She thought as she walked through to her lounge and saw a strange man looking around. "What are you doing in my House?!" she screamed at him. "And what is that Box?" The Doctor looked at the woman. "I was knocked of course!" He exclaimed. "That Signal is definetely not human, no human signal could bump my TARDIS 30 metres of course. Well, i best leave it here,. they'll reconise it now. You dont mind do you?" "Of course I'll Mind! I can't see the TV from the couch now! What Am i going to do?" she said looking at the box. She turned to look at the man, but he had left her flat via the front door.

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