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This planet deserves a tyrant, and I am willing to burden myself with that duty!
— Xanitu

Scorpio Psi VI is a villainous Gandrian that conspired to usurp the Gandrian Empire and destroy his nemesis, Kale Phoenix.


Scorpio Psi VI was born about 1120 Earth years before Kale Phoenix. He finished his enrollment in the Gandra Academy about 240 years early. His potential for greatness attracted the attention of the Imperial Guard, as one of the Emperor's trusted advisors.

Psi VI's parents, Aries Psi X and Capricorn Psi II, were both killed in the 'Long Rage'. This made Psi VI detatched and hateful towards his own race. His venomous opinions were publically shown, Psi VI simply hid from sight, planning to cause nothing but misery and death to the Gandrian Empire. Whenever he carried out his plots, he fashioned android drones as guards and soldiers, and hid his identity under the name, Xanitu, which was Gandrian for 'devil's rage'.

He is one of the Three Hexes, a trio of Gandrians that exhibit great power that could help the Empire, but must overcome their greatest flaw. Psi VI's greatest flaw is his anger, which he embraces rather than rejects. As Xanitu, his anger managed to accumulate into a plot to destroy the very Empire, by assassinating the Emperor.

Encounter with the Doctor

Xanitu issued a procedure to use a 'time snare', a powerful peice of technology that was able to pull the TARDIS from the Time Vortex itself and have it land on Gandra.

Not knowing how much Kale had strengthened after his time on such a primitive planet (Earth), Xanitu underestimated Kale, as well as disregarding the Doctor and Martha Jones, who played pivotal roles in Xanitu's downfall.

Kale and Xanitu then engaged in a bitter duel. Kale manages to wound Xanitu and has him reveal his intentions to control the Empire to the Emperor himself.

Xanitu was promptly executed by the Imperial Guard.


Psi VI is shown to be creul, cold and sadistic. He finds all races (even his own) to be beneath him and deserve destruction. He prefers to take down his enemies in secrecy, waiting for the right moment to strike. When in combat, Psi VI is brutal, quick and merciless, willing to kill an opponent when they fall to the ground (dishonourable in Gandra). He has never shown fear, instead he shows more anger and uses it as a weapon to pulverise his foes.

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